Above and beyond the generous 75-90% impression-based revenue share that InfoBarrel currently gives their dedicated writers on all their submitted article content, any InfoBarrel writer also has the opportunity to earn 2% of an impression-based revenue share on each of their referrals, as well. When you submit your Google Adsense Publisher Account (pub ID #), Chitika, and Amazon Associate account numbers into your own InfoBarrel account, all revenue share will occur, not just from Google Adsense, but in relation to clicks and purchases made during the impression based system on any of those three monetization methods (currently, InfoBarrel may or may not expand to other forms of monetization one day in the future, long after this article has been written).

Because this topic has arisen in the InfoBarrel forum on multiple occasions, I thought it would be a great idea to write about what I have done to gain 144 Infobarrel referrals as of today, December 21st, 2010. Before beginning, however, I would like to mention just a few notables that may or may not affect just how much time and effort you exert in attempting to obtain InfoBarrel referrals:

  • InfoBarrel referrals, by their very nature, may not become an extraordinary earning channel for you. In order for you to earn on your referrals, your referrals need to be active and contribute consistently, which can be very difficult to achieve. One should be fully aware of this before investing a significant amount of time into fetching referrals.
  • In January 2011, InfoBarrel will be releasing a new, revamped website that is complete with greater functionality and offerings. Among these new features is one that may prove to be very useful for a variety of reasons: an internal PM/messaging system. Where referral motivation is lacking, and referral's naturally require a bit of hand holding to succeed, an internal messaging system will allow you to direct contact your referrals, provide them with guidance, and attempt to keep them motivated towards producing high volumes of high quality content. When your referrals produce more content, everyone wins.

Things You Will Need

an InfoBarrel Account

Step 1

Helping to grow InfoBarrel will be beneficial to all involved in contributing to content to the site. Recognizing this, and how your pursuit of greater referrals relates to a much bigger picture beyond a 2% revenue share is imperative. As a relatively young site, InfoBarrel has been experiencing monumental exponential growth, and momentum is required to sustain that growth. Whether a writer contributes content, or gains referrals, they are helping to grow this site into an authority site that will ultimately help Google look upon all our collective content more favorably and rank us all higher. By virtue of writing for a Web 2.0, our quality building of this site will help drive it to the point where we will all earn more on all our content.

A 2% impression based revenue share may seem miniscule, however, it has its place in a larger community picture of helping to increase all our earnings when the effort of the collective produces high volumes of high quality content.

Step 2

Use high authority and Pagerank websites to divert users here to InfoBarrel, via your referral link. Because of their natural high rank (they are where we want InfoBarrel to be), websites like HubPages and Squidoo are similar free-to-join platforms and you can write about your InfoBarrel experiences over there, and refer people over here. When you Google the word "InfoBarrel", you will find that a Squidoo lens is (currently) in the 5th spot on the first page. You can see a similar result with the keywords "Info Barrel".

Several months ago I encouraged other InfoBarrel writers to begin producing and submitting content on those high authority sites in anticipation of "InfoBarrel" and "Info Barrel" themselves, as keywords, becoming very highly searched. With InfoBarrel's growth, we are beginning see a great deal of organic Google searches for "InfoBarrel". InfoBarrel, while a website, in many ways is actually a bit of a niche itself. When HubPages and eHow were just starting out, they were rarely searched, but now they are searched thousands of times a day/week/month.

This will and HAS been occurring with InfoBarrel. Publishing your experiences with InfoBarrel on a much higher authority PR website, like Squidoo and HubPages, will give you immediate potential to the top of search engine results with those pieces of content. As InfoBarrel continues to grow, you will find that the daily search volume for "InfoBarrel" and "Info Barrel" will only continue to grow. In fact, I forsee a day where those terms could be organically searched for thousands of times a day by people who are either members, or hope to be members.

Step 3

Absolutely don't underestimate the value of your author's bio signature link space. You will find that many of the more influential users on InfoBarrel use their author's signature link space in order to direct readers to signing up for InfoBarrel through their referral link. As InfoBarrel articles naturally suck in organic search engine traffic, those readers will be immediately exposed to your referral link. Visit the articles of other members and see what specific kind of wording they use in their author's signature link space. While one may simply have the words "Join InfoBarrel HERE!" hypertext linked, another may use an entirely hypertext sentence that ends as a question (like I have in my author's resource box in this article). As InfoBarrel continues to grow, and attracts a significant amount of organic search engine traffic, you may find that this way of gaining referrals could become entirely passive, especially if you have high trafficked articles. Even though a 2% impression based revenue share may not be very much, it can add up especially if you are already contributing content to InfoBarrel and just simply use the same generic resource box for every article.

Step 4

One of the most effective ways of gaining referrals is to produce something of high value and give it away to those who use your referral link. If you have a blog following already, you will have to determine if the best, most lucrative and feasible way of utilizing a product would be to actually sell it or to leverage it for referrals. While payment for a product will gain you immediate cash, leveraging valuable works of your own, for referrals, will have a more longterm benefit. You may earn absolutely nothing from your referral, or, as they submit content, you may occasionally earn something. The product you give away can simply be a quick report your write about your experience on InfoBarrel, or could have to do with effective keyword research. Anything that could ultimately benefit and provide value to an end user could easily be leveraged within your article itself and your author resource box, in order to gain referrals.

As you can see from this InfoBarrel article, there are numerous ways in which you can gain InfoBarrel referrals. Unfortunately, many are accustomed to seeing affiliate links only and, for one reason or another, may simply choose to ignore your affiliate link and sign up on their own (simply because they don't want to be anyone's referral). This happens quite a bit, and is just the way things go sometimes on the internet. I can guarantee that many people who read this article will have had this happen to them.

Tips & Warnings

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