If you are planning to get a concealed weapon permit in Utah, then you need to follow some specific procedures and adhere to various laws. Always keep in mind that every state in the US comes with its own set of laws and regulations that should be considered by people who wish to get a permit to carry concealed weapons. These laws may vary from state to state but for the case of Utah, the following procedures should be followed by people who wish to get a permit to carry concealed weapons.

Adhering to legal terms and conditions

For you to get this permit in Utah, you have to be 21 years old and above. Additionally, you must not have a felony case against you in court. You must not have a drug-related case, either pending or completed against you in court. Also, you cannot be allowed to get this permit if you have any case of domestic violence against you that has either been completed or pending. Since getting a permit to own a concealed weapon in Utah is a very sensitive issue, you must not have any case of mental disability against you in court. However, for this clause, you can be allowed to get the permit if the mental disability case has been withdrawn or reversed. Your moral conduct will also play a crucial role in obtaining the permit. For this reason, you will not be allowed to get it if you have ever been charged in court for an offense involving moral decay.

Familiarity with the weapon

You have to prove that you are familiar with that particular weapon. Of course, the officials in charge of issuing these permits will not request you to shoot a particular target just to prove your familiarity with that weapon. You need intensive training backed by a confirmation letter to prove your familiarity with that particular weapon. You will be required to get a Weapon Familiarity Certificate before you proceed to apply for the permit. For you to get this certificate, it will be necessarily to join certified weapon training and control institution. Your instructor should assess your familiarity and then process the legal certificate for you.


At this stage, you will be required to identify yourself through a photo copy of your ID, passport, fingerprints and a drivers license if required. After this has been done, you will have to fill the application form from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. The form should also be signed by your instructor who approved your familiarity with that particular weapon. Before submitting this form, make sure you have all the requirements stated therein. With reference to the law, you have to provide an affidavit to show that you have not been convicted for the crimes mentioned in the first section above. Also keep in mind that you will be charged a small fee for the FBI background check and the instruction course that aims at approving your familiarity with that weapon. In most cases, the instruction course has a higher cost compared to the FBI background checks but in general, the whole budget should cost you a few hundred dollars. So, it is nothing to really worry about if you want to get the permit.

Avoid false information

Not all people who apply for a permit to carry concealed weapons normally do it with good intentions. At times, criminals might be interested in securing such weapons just to continue with their unlawful deeds. For such a case, the applicant may want to hide his or her identity by providing false information or using other unlawful means. However, when such acts are used, they normally come with heavy penalties and convictions. To avoid these heavy effects, it is always good to provide your real information.

Familiarize yourself with the laws governing weapon ownership

In order to create a sense of responsibility, you should at least try to get an idea of how you will be required to conduct yourself after acquiring the permit. This should be done with special focus on the laws of Utah. There are some places where you will not be allowed to carry the weapon and this brings the importance of familiarizing yourself with such laws. You can get more information from your instructor or at the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Submitting your application

Lastly, after finalizing all these steps, it is now time to submit your application. There are two common methods of submitting the application. You can decide to visit the Bureau Of Criminal Identification offices personally for an appointment. Since so many people normally apply for this permit, be keen on keeping time.

Alternatively, you may decide to submit your application via mail through the BCI's official address. You will also be required to send an application fee that is non-refundable as you wait for your response. Applying for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Utah is one of the best decisions you can ever make. In fact, more than 30 states acknowledge permits obtained in Utah. You just have to make sure that you adhere to all legal processes when applying for this permit.


When the permit has been granted, make sure you do not misuse it. In fact, this might lead to its withdrawal if you seem to abuse it either by using the weapon to breach peace, break laws or create insecurity. Always remember that when you have the permit to carry a concealed weapon, you should add it to your list of your daily responsibilities. You have to act responsibly to avoid harming others with it. You are not supposed to use it at the slightest provocation either by your family, friends or relatives. That is why it is called a concealed weapon. You should not walk around brandishing it to anyone you come across. Such careless habits might be good enough to lead to the termination of your permit despite the fact that you toiled so hard to get it.