Once you have built your website, you need traffic, that is, people to visit it. Many newcomers to the internet world have the same question: "How can I get traffic for my website?

Traffic Exchanges

In a traffic exchange, participants swap traffic. They will either click through to another person's site, or take turns browsing through each other's websites for a certain period of time, usually a minute. During the time they are browsing, you will hope they are interested in what you are selling, or find the topic interesting and want to be a regular visitor. Sadly, in most cases, the only reason they are there is because they want to get traffic themselves. They are only visiting your site in order to get people to go visit theirs. Therefore, traffic exchanges are one of the worst ways to get traffic, since the visitors are not targeted and not motivated or even interested in what you have to say or sell.

Instead of wasting your time with traffic exchanges, be sure that you build and interesting site full of keywords which people will be able to find through search engines like Google and Yahoo. That is more highly targeted, focused and motivated traffic worth having. Be sure to optimize your site for the search engines, especially Google, in order to increase your page rank and get more targeted organic (free) traffic.

List Marketing

List Marketing is one way to keep getting traffic from a group of targeted visitors. The webmaster sets up a 'squeeze page' to offer a free gift to a visitor to the site, usually a free newsletter or special report or ebook. The sign up page is linked to an email marketing program, and once the person is registered, they will receive the gift and then follow up emails marketing products and services to them. The emails will usually generate traffic and sales.

Buying Traffic

Webmasters buy traffic in a number of ways. It is an easy way to lose money as well as make it, so learn as much as you can about it before you start. Many businesses have learned the secrets of making the most of paid traffic, but some have failed miserably at it. The best way to find out if it is right for you is to test it; if you make money, great. Then you can afford to continue. If not, then you are not getting results and should halt your campaigns and not waste money. Some paid traffic strategies are real winners, others a flop. The effective strategies will be different for each business so it is up to you to experiment and see what works best for your company.

So where can you get paid traffic? Many online companies are now selling it in a number of ways. One of the easiest ways to find out where to get paid traffic is to run a search for the key phrase "buying traffic" and checking out their claims and pricing. Also check out reviews of the company's services so you will know what to expect and who is really delivering the kind of results you need. Also check out discussion boards and forums to see which companies people have used and are satisfied with, and the kinds of results you can expect from a paid traffic company.

In conclusion, the best way to promote your website and get traffic fast is by backlinking, whether it be from one of the methods mentoned above or other methods, the more backlinks pointing your website you have, the more traffic you will get.