So you have set up your Twitter account, sent some tweets out to show your account is active and now the big question is, “How can I get Twitter Followers?”.  There are several ways to start gaining followers in Twitter, and some of these methods you can continue to use for the lifetime of your account.  So, how do you get Twitter followers?

First, remember, Twitter is built on the premise of letting a group hear what you are saying, but most people will not listen if you do not want to listen back.  The way to gain followers relatively quickly is to follow others and they will follow you back.  You can set up a website or blog, and ask those who come there to follow you.  These will be very targeted followers and will be interested in what you have to say. 

However, if you are looking to use your Twitter account to funnel visitors to your blog or website, you probably want to go looking for followers to add to your Twitter account, and direct the followers to your website, instead of the other way around.

One thing to remember while increasing your Twitter follower numbers is that your follow and following ratio should be close to each other, to avoid limits that Twitter has set.  Celebrities and others that would attract large amounts of followers in Twitter get special permission to eliminate the limits.

Direct Message or Not

First, you have a choice to make.  You can set up Direct Message reply to anyone who follows you.  The message can be used to welcome them and thank them for following you.  You can also include a website URL to your main business, or a splash page to give them more information about you.  There are varying thoughts on doing this.  Some feel that an automated message like this is against the Twitter idea of building real relationships.  Others think it is okay.  You decide.  I have set up accounts both ways.

The sending of direct messages can be done by hand, sending one to each person as your follow (not recommended, this would be very time consuming) or you can search out a service that does this.  There are many that will do it for free.

So, how can you get free followers for Twitter?

1)       Existing Contacts

Use Twitter’s built in Existing Contacts feature to find out who you already communicate with that already has a Twitter account.  Use this to search your email programs contacts and follow them.  Most will follow you back, and then you have followers in Twitter!!

2)       Website

If you have an existing business with a contact list or newsletter, send your Twitter Username out to it.  Post your username on your website.  Twitter has buttons you can post to make it easy to follow your account.

3)      Search In Twitter Using Keywords

You can search in Twitter for interesting people to follow.  Just as you hopefully set your Twitter account up to people can find you through mutual interests, you now need to do the same thing.  Use keywords to find others interested in the same thing you are and follow them.  A percentage will return the favor.

4)       Twitter Suggested User

Twitter has a suggested user feature.  It checks your profile, and those that you are following, and scans the user base to find others it think you may be interested in following.

5)       Followers of a Popular Person

Look at the followers of other users with the same keywords in their bio as you have.  You can try to find someone you think is influential in the same field that you are, and look at their followers, and follow the followers.  

6)       Twitter Directories

There are Twitter directories like WeFollow and Twellow that you can look at and join if you want.  They will give you the users that have registered by subject of interest. 

Follow / Unfollow Strategy

For those looking to build their followers on Twitter base aggressively, the accepted way is to follow others users, then unfollow in 1-3 days if they do not follow you back.  If you have less than 5000 followers, you should not follow more than 150 in one day.  Over 5000, you can increase the number you follow to 250 a day.  As your account grows and becomes more active, you will also find people following you first.  Be sure to follow the new followers back, to keep them as followers.

The limit that was talked about at the top of the page applies when you are following 2000 and 5000 users.  When you reach these limits, you should have around 90% of the number in followers.  The easy way to remember is when your followers get to 1800, from then on, you can only have 10% more than that number. 

Twitter does not like massive following and unfollowing, called churning, and may suspend your account if you generate numbers more than the above.  

Build Followers Automatically

The program that I said that I would recommend is called Tweetadder.   The program runs on your computer, and you can automate many of your daily tasks involved in handling your account, and increasing your follower base.

  1. Set it up to automatically to send out direct messages to your followers.
  2. To search for users to follow using keywords and follow those interested in the same things you are.
  3. Follow back those that follow you. 
  4. Unfollow those that do not follow you.
  5. Tweet messages for you. 
  6. Limits can be set for all of the follow, unfollow, tweeting and unfollowing.
  7. Can be set to run only certain times of the day
  8. Used on multiple accounts

Setup your Twitter account today and use the information given here in “How Can I Get Twitter Followers” to increase your following to take advantage of a powerful internet marketing tool.  You can use Twitter to drive leads to your website, build your newsletter lists, and to keep a watch on what is happening elsewhere on the internet and in the world.