Getting started is the hardest part when it comes to spring cleaning. The only way to stop staring at your cluttered house is to just go for it.

Plan it: Most of us work better with a deadline and a schedule. List out all of the areas in your home, think realistically how much time you need to spend on each part without fooling yourself. Once you have a plan hang it up somewhere noticeable to that you have nowhere to hide from it.

Store it: All of those toys and clothes lying around are most likely unnecessary for your day by day. Pick up some storage boxes before you start clearing up, they are much easier to pile up than plastic bags. You can also find all kinds of boxes that are 2 in 1, such as sofas that open up and deck boxes.

De-clutter: Don't store away every mitten and glove, think first if you really them. Spring cleaning is a good time to do something good for the community, there are many people who need these old gloves and scarfs much more than your cupboards and boxes, and will benefit very much out of them. Schedule with an organization or church of your choice when and where you will be dropping off your donations, this way you are also doing a good deed and giving yourself a deadline.

Utilize Space: Make this spring cleaning worthwhile. Think how you can utilize all the space you have once you've cleaned and start putting things back. You can add shelves, boxes with wheels that slide under the bed, and have we mentioned more shelves? You'll be surprised how much more space you have around the house.

Have fun with it. If your family isn't thrilled about spring cleaning, make it enjoyable. Put on your favorite family tunes in the background; try on all the funny Halloween costumes you dig up and New Year's party hats.

Spring is a time to refresh and blossom, take a deep breath and enjoy the beginning of the season. Your spring and summer will be much more enjoyable with a fresh clean and spacey house.