As there are reports of more and more dogs needlessly dying from toxic or tainted foods, you may wonder why you haven't decided to make your own dog food and dog treats before. In fact you may be wondering how can I make my own homemade dog food?

Well, you have come to the right place. Just as we are susceptible to certain illnesses such as cancer, so are our beloved dogs if they are exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins.

Many pet owners may be surprised, if not horrified, to learn that some commercial dog foods have been found to contain an ingredient that's actually used to euthanize dogs and cats.

This ingredient, sodium pentobarbital, in addition to a countless list of other mystery ingredients, are finding their way into our pet's foods, as more and more vitamins are being left out of the mix.

When you decide to make your own homemade dog food treats, you can rest assured you aren't giving your pet chemicals or additives and preservatives that could cause any number of serious illnesses. Certain cancers, liver failure, immune disorders, and increased aggression have all been linked to harmful ingredients found in some commercially made dog foods.

If you make your own dog food, you'll know the exact contents of your dog's dietary intake each and every day. You'll be able to tailor meals based on any special health issues or concerns, and always be in control of what they're eating. Consider asking your own veterinarian for any recipes for homemade dog treats that they may have heard of or recommend.

It's also wise to consult with a vet if your dog has any health conditions that may require a certain type of diet, such as a dog with kidney failure. In this case, recipes for healthy dog treats should only use low-protein ingredients so as not to cause more damage to the already diseased kidneys.

When you make your own dog food, you'll always know when your pet's health needs are being met. Recipes for healthy dog treats that contain many vitamins and minerals are the answer to keeping your best friend safe, happy, and active. Be sure your dog is getting the right amount of protein, usually around 50% of their total intake, 30% carbohydrates, and 20% fats for a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

Making home cooked meals for your dogs may also be cheaper than buying the commercial foods and treats. Many ingredients call for simple items such as rice and flour that you may already have in your cupboards.

There are very few things in life that are as rewarding as seeing the look of love in your dog's bright, healthy eyes thanking you for your love and concern. By making all of your pet's meals yourself, you know you're giving your beloved companion the absolute best you can to ensure they'll live a long, happy life right by your side.

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