When your baby starts on solid foods it is a super fun and exciting time, although it can be a bit of a nerve-racking experience. With a 6 month old son now, at the time of this writing, I will openly admit that some facets of parenthood have been a bit of a culture shock deserving of relentless Google searches in search of tips and tricks regarding everything from baby sleep-related issues, to feeding our baby. Prior to having our son, my wife and I knew right away that we had wanted to make our son homemade baby food. Together, we try to cook healthy dinners for our family and eat as much organic foods as we possibly can.

Always wanting the very best for our son, my wife and I decided that making organic baby food at home was the best route to go in order to ensure that he was receiving the best, most healthy (and delicious) food.  Admittedly very new to the world of making baby food, my wife and I quickly discovered that not only is it delicious and nutritious but a lot of fun to make, as well! Though the time involved in creating this food has proven to be an instant turn-off, understandably, to parents who choose to simply purchase canned food because of the time it saves, I would personally encourage any new or veteran parent, who is considering going down this road, to give it a shot with some of the tips I lay out in this InfoBarrel article.

You have nothing to lose, but a world of health to gain if you consider introducing baby foods after making your own.

You might think that making organic baby food would be super expensive but it is not. My wife and I go to Whole Foods once a month and we are able to buy a month’s worth of food for $25! That’s right, I said $25!  Even as I write this article, a casual look at Walmart’s website reveals that baby food is otherwise very expensive in relation to what it costs to make your own healthy and delicious organic baby food. Our son thrives on this food and we have yet to have him dislike a fruit or vegetable. So far, we have introduced sweet potatoes, peas, applesauce, carrots, bananas and pears and our son has greeted them with thriving taste buds. I am confident that, through organic food preparation and delivery, that we are essentially training his palate to be very diverse and appreciative of healthy foods. As far as we are concerned, I can only see this having positive implications to his health and welfare.

Once your doctor has approved and has given you the go ahead than it is time to start solids.  To get started you need either a food processor or a blender. My wife and I personally use a blender and we love it!  We steam a lot of the veggies and fruits therefore we picked up a steamer basket (an easy to use appliance).  The steamer basket just fits into a medium sized saucepan and then is covered with a lid. 

Lastly, you need to have containers to store the baby food in.  We personally love to freeze baby food that way we always have a variety of food to feed our baby. We simply take the frozen food out the evening before and let it defrost overnight. My wife and I did a ton of research on the best containers to store baby food in. It is very important to always find BPA free containers. We finally decided on the OXO baby block containers. We absolutely LOVE them!  The lids are very easy to snap on and off and have a very tight seal to prevent freezer burn. They also stack up nicely in the freezer so they take up less space. We decided to bypass even getting the 2oz containers and went right to the 4oz.  Our son is a big boy and is easily going through a 4oz container at a time.

Most people generally begin with rice cereal or oatmeal as it is easy to digest. After being on cereal for a few weeks we decided to start our son on his first vegetable: sweet potatoes. We have found that certain fruits and veggies taste much better when they are cooked a certain way. A sweet potato is absolutely delicious when it is baked. The sweetness is brought to life and the color becomes rich and vibrant. Sweet potatoes are definitely on the top of the list for our son.  Also, the nice thing about sweet potatoes is that one big sweet potato makes a TON of baby food. To make the perfect sweet potato my wife and/or I will pre-heat the oven to 410 degrees. We scrub down the sweet potato and leave is slightly damp and then cover it with aluminum foil. We place it on a baking sheet on the bottom rack of the oven. It takes about 50 minutes to cook (it really depends on how big the sweet potato is). As the sweet potato is almost done cooking it fills our home with a sweet and rich smell. I take the foil off, cut it in half, and let the potato cool down for about ten minutes. We have our blender all ready to go and put about ½ cup of either purified water or organic apple juice at the bottom of the blender. We scoop out all of the insides of the sweet potato and fill the blender up.  It should be very easy to blend and turns into a nice smooth puree. The color is a bright vibrant orange. We can usually fill up four 4oz containers with one large sweet potato.

Another favorite homemade organic food, of our sons, is quick and easy applesauce. When preparing applesauce, we cut, core and peel two to three big apples (we use Fuji Apples). We cook our apples in a steamer basket, all while making sure that the apples are just covered with water. We cover it tightly with the lid, reduce the heat and allow it to further steam for 5-10 minutes. Once you do this, you can blend it in the blender until it achieves a perfect applesauce consistency. Before serving it, you should consider tasting it for temperature. While you can certainly taste it for flavor, remember, you shouldn’t add anything additional like sugar or other sweeteners. For that reason, that taste should be fairly predictable.

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