Your aptitudes are very important characteristics about yourself, what you've done, your experiences in life, and where you had it? In order to use your aptitudes to grow, they'll help you remove doubt, pave your future path and give you something to work on.

Let me go into a little bit more detail about those points.

Your Aptitudes Will Help You Grow By Removing Doubt

A lot of times we go through life without much direction. I mean we kind of know what works based on what we've done in the past and mistakes that we've learned from in the past.

And we figure out at least one way that works now. Does that mean it's the best way? Probably not, but it is way we work.

And unfortunately, most people just stop there and they're okay with, "Hey, I found a way that's good enough for me." Not knowing that there are other ways that are probably much better out there.

And by finding your aptitudes you remove the doubt of, "Hey, is this the best way to do it? Hey, am I missing something? Hey, am I not doing the best that I can?" And that's a very important thing for your growth for the future.

Pave Your Future Path

By removing all that doubt you can pave your future path by knowing, "Hey, I don't need to go over here and do this job or learn this skill, or spend a whole lot of time on this hobby."

It may be fun, it may be interesting, but it's probably best left aside so that you can make more room for something that (now that you're aware of it) you can actually do. Especially now that you know why it should be useful for what you want to do in the future.

Stepping ourselves these are guide post you've to pay attention too without going on the detours.

Give You Something To Work On

If you don't know you've a pimple, and you don't have a mirror, do you know you need to use medicine? If you got any type of thing that you're not aware of whether it's physical, or mental, or psychological, you're too close to the problem to know how to fix it.

It's like bad breath.

You're used to the smell already. I know that's pretty disgusting to talk about but it's true. You've been might those persons that talk a just little bit close (too close) to you.

It's hot, it's nasty, and it's just no fun. It's dragon breath and nobody likes it. But until that person is made aware that it's unpleasant, they won't know, "Hey, I need to go brush my tongue."

Get Some Google-fu on Your Strengths

So, by finding your aptitudes you're being told by yourself or whatever tool you use that, ""Hey, this is something you can work on."" And in summary, you can use your aptitudes to grow by removing doubt, by paving your future path and by giving you something to work on.

Discover and use your aptitudes in under 10 minutes by doing some dedicated Google-fu on your strengths and aptitudes. There are some great free tests out there, too.