If you are like most people out there in "career land," then you're probably looking for more out of your daily grind. I still have a full-time job so I can definitely empathize with you. I'm writing this in early 2013 and my online money-making empire isn't quite where it needs to be, yet. But that doesn't mean we can't do something about it!

To get you started on your growth journey, just take a few hours out of your next lazy Saturday and write down your biggest and best goals on a single page of paper. Every bit of effort you can put into planning your future will show great rewards in the end. Whether this is for an online empire or getting more out of your current job.

As a matter of fact, most folks are probably okay with their jobs and aren't looking for the "next huge thing," but there is an aspect or two that they might like to change. This could be anything from more time, to more freedom, or even more mobility.

In order to get these extra goodies out of your career, you have to focus on your strengths. In order to do that, you have to do the following three main things:

  1. know what to focus on
  2. pick the right stretch goals
  3. guide your promotion

Let's jump into the details and see how to boost you to the next level.

Know What To Focus On

If you are not an excellent communicator, do you really think you should be volunteering for a whole bunch of presentations, lunch-and-learn sessions, and meetings where you have to speak in front all the big-Whig bosses and managers? Probably not.

Now, I might say this gutsy "speak no matter what" method would be good practice if you were excellent at learning from failure or you were at least very good at reframing failure as an opportunity to learn.

But, for the average person who just can't stand speaking or communicating, that idea would probably be pretty terrifying. You will have to focus on what you are good at in order to get to the next level of effective communication. Practice doesn't make perfect, but it sure as hee-haw does help you in the right direction.

Pick The Right Stretch Goals

By picking the right stretch goals, you make sure that you have at least some internal motivation and confidence to keep on going. A lot of times, we set goals too high for ourselves and this can end up being very discouraging. This is especially true if we start building up this list of goals and never really have any wins along the way.

Therein lies a wonderful little nugget of wisdom. When you set yourself up for the small wins, you'll have the drive to keep going to the next goalpost. We have to have that extra little boost of confidence and motivation that says 'yes, I can do it' and then we'll get the power to aim for the next level stuff. There's great brain-science behind all of this, folks, and you can find some of it in Daniel H. Pink's book, Drive.

Guide Your Promotion

I know no one likes to do their performance appraisals, and I know I have hated performance appraisals in the past. I've also really hated all of the meetings that have come along with them, too. However, if you really want your promotion to go the way you'd like it, then you have to talk to your boss, you have to talk to your peers, and you have to talk to people around you.

Go up to these folks and say:

  • "Hey guys, what do you think I'm best at?"
  • "How can I use this to make my career better?"
  • "What am I doing wrong that maybe I might need to change or get help on?"

You just have to talk to people around you to help you figure out what might be a potential issue. You are too close to the problem (it's you!) and you won't be able to see the solution. It's an awareness thing, like not knowing your breath smells bad. Work on it, folks.

Boost Your Career Today

To make the most out of your efforts and use your strengths to help your career, you need to know what to focus on, you need to pick the right stretch goals, and you need to guide your promotion in the direction that makes the most sense for you. If you are ready, boost your career by taking some of the most reputable strengths tests out there on the web and be more aware today.