Access Off-Peak Electricity

Did you know that you can save money by using electricity during off-peak periods? Most electric providers will offer a discounted rate for electricity consumed during off-peak periods. Usually, set hours define when off-peak hours are. Usually, the off-peak hours are between 11PM and 7AM. Using more of your electricity during these periods can save a lot of money. 

Electric providers do not like sudden peaks and falls in their electricity use. This can cause problems at the generators, and it is difficult to turn off energy-generating turbines and other machines. This means, that at night, electric companies are making the same amount of energy, but are making less money from it because fewer people use it at night. Homeowners can often use off-peak electricity to heat water, use heating appliances, and to store heat for future use. 

How to access off-peak electricity 

How you access off-peak electricity depends on the type of meter you have. A Single Rate meter only keeps track of how much electricity you use, not when you use it. You are charged the same for electricity you use at any time of day. With Interval meters, or Time of Use meters, the meter keeps track of how much electricity you use at what time. 

There is also a Two Rate meter, which keeps track of electricity used during peak hours and during off hours. Some companies also offer a Controlled Load meter, which charges electricity at one rate except for certain appliances. These meters can control when appliances get electricity. For example, one meter may supply energy to a water heater at night. During the day, the meter would cut off electricity to that appliance. 

How to get a different meter 

Before you can get a different meter, you need to know what kind you have. Call your current energy provider and ask them what kind of meter you have in your home. You can then request another type of meter if the kind you currently have isn’t compatible with off-peak charges. Some companies may charge a fee for installing a new meter. 

Saving money with off-peak electricity use 

Since off-peak electricity happens late at night, when most people are asleep, may wonder how they can take advantage of the low prices. The best way to take advantage of off-peak prices are to use large appliances at night. Try scheduling your hot water heater, pool pump, sprinklers, and other automatic systems to come on at night. Try running the dishwasher and dryer just before you go to bed. Unplug appliances like the TV and computer during the day. Run your heater and air conditioner only at night, when possible. You may be surprised at how much money you can save by changing how you use electricity in your home. 

If you implement these tips, you will soon see significant benefits on your next electric bills. Experiment with using electricity at different times of day to maximize the savings you see on your energy bills each month. With a little innovation, you should be able to switch many of the cost-heavy energy uses to off-peak hours.