It seems that anybody that's ever taken a personality test or any type of self-discovery test online doesn't really know how to use the results they get.

It also seems that the results they get are just not applicable to their personal life or useful enough to make a meaningful impact in their daily duties.

You really do need to get more out of the time you've put into any types of tests you do so you can focus your future and grow your life.

What you want to do to get more out of that set of results is:

  1. change your mind to see that you actually want these results & change
  2. commit to applying your discoveries in your life
  3. setup a review schedule to keep your results in mind and to get it done

So let's dive into those points here.

Change Your Mind To Actually Want It

If you don't want to go to the store but someone makes you go shopping, you're not going to want to do it. You're going to be absolutely miserable the entire time. That also means no one is going to get anything useful out of it.

However, if you reframe the situation into something that you DO want to do or you change your mind and genuinely do want to do it, then you will find some use out of it.

You probably will have more fun, it will go quicker, and it will overall make the experience and output that much better. This is the win-win approach to changing your view on life.

Commit To Applying Your Discoveries

Now, what happens if you get a degree in history, math, or child education and you never use it?

You end up sitting at home and watching TV all day. Well, you might say, "What's the point here, Richard?"

You have to apply that degree to something useful in life, just like all these personality tests you might be tempted to take.

You have to take your results, apply them to your life, and commit to using your discoveries so that it's not just an, "okay, that's nice to know and all that" type of response.

Rather, it should be an, "alright! I'm going to use this and see how to use it to make my life better!" type of response.

You Have To Set Up A Review Schedule

It's like the pop quizzes that are out there and you did in school. I mean, you can't really prepare for them unless you've been paying attention all along the way.

In order to pay attention all along the way, the curriculum at school is designed such that the points that are important are mentioned first.

Then there's homework to reinforce the overall theme of the class, there's important information reviewed the next day, and then it's all reviewed a little bit later.

If you want to keep on-point for the test and any type of quizzes that come up, you have to review your study material again and again. The point is to keep it fresh on your mind.

The "learning new skills" retention percentage goes down to something like 90% of what you learn is lost within the first week after you learn it.

I think it's more like 90% after the first two days, in fact.

You have to have a review schedule in order for things to stick.

Get Your Life Checked-Up

When it comes to getting more out of your personality type and what you discover, you have to reframe the situation and get your mind right to where you actually want to get use out of your results.

Then you have to commit to applying what you your results, then you have to set up a commitment review schedule, and then apply that schedule in your life check-up routines.

If you're ready, check out what useful personality tests are out there and discover your personality soon.