If you've decided that Twitter has a place in your Social Media strategy, then you'll know that having a good number of quality followers is a great goal to have. Twitter is an amazing opportunity for small businesses because it enables you to search for people who may be recptive to your message.

Let's look at some ways to get more followers.

Have An Attractive Profile

I don't mean that you use a photo of an attractive person! Make your Twitter profile look interesting and inviting so when someone looks at it, they want to follow you. To do this, upload a nice photo of yourself or your business logo and complete your Twitter profile details, paying special attention to your bio.

Make sure your bio is full of descriptive text about who you are and what you do. Make sure to use keywords within the bio that other people may search for. So if you're a business coach, make sure you put this in your profile. Then, if other people use Twitter search to find business coaches, your profile will come up in the search.

Also, pay attention to your Twitter background and consider getting a custom Twitter background designed.

Be Interesting

A lot of Twitter users are boring.  If you don't Tweet, then people won't be interested in following you.

I suggest making sure that at least once or twice a day you schedule time to be on Twitter for 15 minutes and interact with people. Engage in conversations with your followers, re-Tweet interesting Tweets from other people and tweet about what you're doing. I've also found it useful to Tweet about articles I'm reading online - most websites now have a 'Tweet This' button available to send out a Tweet to promote the article.

It's important to show people that you're a real live person who is interesting and worth following.

Find Other People

There are a number of ways to find other people to follow on Twitter.

You can use Twitter's search function to do a number of different searches. You can search based on user's location i.e. all the users in Sydney. This may be useful if your business is targetting a certain geographic area.

You can search based on keywords in the user bios. If your business was aimed at dog owners, you'd search bios based on those keywords.

You can search based on recent tweets. If you're a Lady Gaga fan, then search for people who are using her name in their tweets. Chances are they're fans like you and would be fun to follow.

I've also had success when I follow people who are following another Twitter user who I like. Back to the Lady GaGa example - you could elect to follow all the people who are following her.

Use the Hash Tag

You may also notice that a lot of Twitter users make use of the hashtag (#). They place the '#' symbol before keywords such as #marketing. When this is done, the Tweet becomes visible to people who are monitoring that hashtag. It's a great way to get noticed quickly.

Be Social

Finally, whatever your reasons for using Twitter, make sure you're being social. Don't spam people or constantly send out messages full of affiliate links. Make sure you're delivering vaulable Tweets to your followers or else you may find that they begin to unfollow you.

Twitter can be a lot of fun and very rewarding if used well. The ideas in this article will help you to get more Twitter followers and build your Twitter account.