Cancer can strike at any moment, and it is the result of following a lifestyle that gradually raises its risk over time. Many international experts and disease specialists in the field have performed research on the relationship between health behaviors and the incidence of cancer. There are several factors that can influence the risk of cancer; they are covered below in this article.  

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Maintaining a healthy body weight is good for your life in general, not just for preventing cancer.  It sounds easy, but many people struggle to stay active, especially when their schedule is packed with a full-time job or family responsibilities.  If you are overweight, make a commitment towards preventing additional weight gain. You can eventually integrate a healthier dish into your meals – these include foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  You will do well to limit the amount of carbohydrates that goes into your body. You must be disciplined in accomplishing this goal, because less than 100 percent effort is not enough.  Be prepared to sacrifice TV and computer time for a run in the park.

You must be proactive in preventing cancer even when it is not knocking on your door.  There are various screening tests that can help you detect this disease long before they become a direct risk.  Some tests reveal cancers at their earliest and most treatable stages.  Other tests can identify risks or factors that can lead to cancer.  Regular screening is a lifesaver, do not miss a single chance to get one.

A physician or healthcare professional can help recommend which cancer screening or test is right for you.  The most important types of cancer to test regularly for are breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, rectal cancer, and lung cancer.

Cancer is associated with the summer heat, particularly the skin’s exposure to the sun.  While the sun can feel nice, excessive exposure can result in skin cancer such as melanoma.  Fortunately, skin damage can be detected early, especially in children.  This makes it important to protect young people and educate them about the risks of cancer.

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The peak time of sunlight is generally during the afternoon.  If you are going out during these hours, wear a hat, long-sleeved tops, or sunscreen.  If you need a tan, avoid sun lamps and tanning booths.  There are self-tanning creams available that are effective and will keep you away from the tanning salon.  

Exercise can play a factor in minimizing the risk of cancer.  If you are working full-time or have numerous responsibilities, it can be difficult to free up your schedule for physical activity.  However, you only need at least 30 minutes of activity per day to gain some of the benefits.  Either way, exercising for any length of time is better than not doing anything at all.

A physical workout doesn’t have to be limited to just running - you can walk, do jumping jacks, or dance to work up a good sweat. If you donate time to exercise each day, it can develop into a healthy habit.  Make regular visits to the gym or even take a walk around the block.  It can be easier to get into the exercise mood when you’re working out with a partner.   


Cancer is frequently connected to smoking, so avoiding that practice is the best thing to do for your health. It can be hard to stay away from the nicotine, but it is not impossible.  Thousands of Americans every day find their freedom from smoking. It can take several years before you can successfully quit for good, but do not let up or be discouraged.

You can speak to a healthcare provider to find additional tips and help for quitting. There are many counseling groups and programs for those looking to permanently put those cigarettes down.  Your employers or insurance plan may also sponsor a program; take advantage of these opportunities when they become available.

There are plenty of information about the correlation between diet and health.  The idea is basic -- healthful eating means better health, and better health means less chance of developing cancer.  Keep the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on your plate while cutting back on the red meat.  In addition, lower your intake of bad fats and eat more healthy fats. It would also help to take a multivitamin with folate daily.

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To maintain the best diet, include fruits and vegetables as part of your everyday meal.  You can add some fruit in your cereal and include greens in your snack time. If you are looking to have less guilty meat, try chicken, fish, or beans.  For breakfast time, go with whole-grain cereal or whole-wheat bread. Common-sense would also tell you to cut back on the fast food and fat-filled packaged snacks such as donuts and chips.

Making these dietary changes can be a significant factor in lowering your risk for cancer.  Your health in the long-term is affected by the foods you eat, it is important to begin thinking about what you consume daily.  It can hard to adjust to a new plate, but know that you’re doing it for your long-term health and to spend more time enjoying life with your loved ones.