A date is the starting point for a relationship to grow.  The present web age has opened up new exciting opportunities for the youngsters to communicate with each other to form a pleasant social relationship through dating that has been blessed by the movie industry’s publicity.   Dating opens up a unique social scope for the two mates to understand each other whether a greater relationship between them like engagement to culminate in a marriage will be good for them or not.  Sexual activity is not an important feature in a dating, all important is to assess whether or not they can trust each other.


Knowledge about what one should do or don’t is a precondition to the success of an occasion like dating.  It is well for the mates to remember that this occasion calls for intimacy that has no room for formality like that required in a business interview.  Taking recourse to artificiality always fails to touch one’s heart that can be impressed only by one’s true original behavior; this is particularly true if it is the case of finding a true life partner.  It should not be expected that special ideas would always crowd in one’s head to dish them out during a date.  So talks on usual normal ideas would serve the purpose provided care is taken not to reach the boring level.  One good rescuer is humor that is appreciated equally by both men and women.


The nature of the venue of dating, in fact, is the determining factor of the nature of dresses the couple should wear.  The female partner is usually much more sensitive than her male counterpart in exercising care to make her look as perfect as possible.  In order to create a good first impression on the mind of the dating partner, the importance of suitable attire cannot be over emphasized.  However, it is equally important to remember that excess is to be deplored in all things even in dressing.  So tracing a middle path in this regard is recommended for good results.


Overdoing in the bodily decoration or sex symbolic attire on the very first date is not going to contribute to your success.  Try to maintain your mental as well as bodily mystery to your partner.    Whatever is done on this first day will undergo changes as the relation grows deeper and more intimate.  For women, simple personality-featuring dresses are better.  Men should give importance to the opinion of their romantic mates in selecting dresses. 


Your first enquiry to your mate should be about the location and the prevailing state of affairs there as these are useful in determining the right type of costume.  While selecting dress patterns, it is well for a woman to keep it in mind that the first glimpse of the woman’s body captured by the male eyes play a very important part in the formation of the overall impression about her.  Give your mate always the true impression about you. 


If you know how to converse effectively, you are at advantages that can enable you to impress upon your partner as well as make her/his time during a date interesting.  While conversing, you should not at any stage be nervous or emotional that may interfere with the normalcy of atmosphere.  Converse calmly and confidently on topics that may be of interest to your partner.  If you know how to give dramatic effects to your talks, give it so that your talks may appear more interesting to your mate.

However, if you have repeatedly failed in your efforts to please your friend by your talks, you should try to discover the reasons.  Reasons may be many – uninteresting topics, unnecessary repetitions, faltering delivery etc.  Whatever it might be, consultation with a specialist should be beneficial for success in future.


Nobody contradicts that dating is a fun, but everybody agrees that there is some important tasks hidden within it that should be performed carefully to make it truly successful.  Success calls for some techniques as pre-requisites.  Below are some important tips to that effect.

(i) Punctuality should be observed with due seriousness.  Otherwise, your mate may be disappointed and you may lose some of the grounds that were in favor of you before you became late.  (ii)  You are required to be comfortable to minimize the tension that usually develops for normal reasons on the first date.  You should know how to relax and talk calmly.  (iii)  You should possess attractive manners that can charm your partner.  If your manners are not of that type, then call on a professional specialist and undergo a short skill-improving training that may lead you to success in future.  (iv) It is one of your responsibilities to make the occasion enjoyable; and the process of enjoyment starts from your own feelings of enjoyment.  Your warm feelings of enjoyment will act as a trigger to your mate’s enjoyment!

Do you know that if you have invited somebody it is your responsibility to pay the restaurant bill?