Make Money Writing Online

If you have a computer, it is completely possible to make a living as a writer without ever having to deal with clients

If you have writing skills and want to make money online there are many opportunities available for you online.  One of the most obvious ways that you can make money online with writing is by writing content for clients.  I’ve been doing this for 8 years and have had a good degree of success with it.  The downside is that you can end up writing on some very boring topics!  But you can get some good ones, too.  And you make money immediately or at least within a fairly short period of time.

But what if you don’t want to be bothered writing for other people? What if you want to make money for yourself? What if you want to write on topics that are of the most interest to you?  All of this is completely possible. There are many writers that are doing exactly this.  I'm not quite there yet but it is my goal to be able to live completely off work that I do for myself and to not need to write for clients at all anymore.

Write for Residual Income Sites

There are some great sites online where you can write for residual income.  Sites like these either pay per view or pay per click.

These are some of the sites that I have used for residual income with my writing:

HubPages – this can be a great site to write on.  There are several opportunities for you to earn via your writing skills.  Write articles on things that interest you and you can make money through Adsense or through Amazon.

InfoBarrel – this article site allows you to make money from Amazon and Adsense, too, but you can also earn now through their second earning program.  These are ads that come from other ad programs and direct advertisers.  These earnings are paid out to you from InfoBarrel.  If you don’t have an Adsense account you can still participate in their Adsense earning program and get paid from InfoBarrel.

Writedge – a new article site, this site allows you to earn via their Adsense share program but you can also use your own Amazon, Zazzle, CommissionJunction, ShareaSale, and AllPosters codes to earn and you keep 100% of the earnings from these sites.  They also host contests each month (like bonuses for posting in empty categories) that can allow you to earn even more money.

Daily Two Cents - if you prefer a more casual writing atmosphere, this is the site for you.  You can write short posts (as little as 100 words) on almost any topic you like (see the FAQ for restrictions). You can write personal posts, ranty posts, reviews, entertainment, and more.  If your post is at least 200 words long you can include an outgoing link and if your post is 400 words or more you can include two links. These links can be to affiliate sites or referral links, too!

Trendzic - have you been looking for a site to replace Squidoo?  This site is set up especially for people that want to writes sales focused posts or gift guides.  The rules are minimal and there's no limit on products that you can add.  It's new but it's gaining steam!  You get to keep all the income from your affiliate links and even get to have 50% of the ad impressions on your articles.

Writing Ebooks

It’s never been easier to write and publish an ebook than now.  The Amazon Kindle program is one of the easiest programs to get set up with.  If you can write several articles on one topic, you can likely write and ebook.  Just think of a topic that you are passionate about or that you have special knowledge of.  Come up with at least 5 main parts and then break those parts down into sub-categories.  It will take you a little longer to write an ebook than it does a single article but the returns can be great.

Once you’ve published on Kindle, you can expand your exposure to Smashwords, Kobo, Nook, and other ebook providers.


I love blogging and no matter what I do, I always have a couple blogs on the go.  Getting set up with WordPress on your own hosting is simple.  Or, if you aren’t able to invest money into your venture, you can start a blog on Blogspot fairly easily. 

A lot of people don’t recommend Blogspot but I’ve found that it is a great place for new bloggers to get started.  Pick a topic you can write about in the long term.  Get an Adsense account and put ads on your blog.  Find some great affiliates (products or services you can recommend) through ShareaSale or CommissionJunction and put a few ads up for those. 

If you blog on a regular basis you will see results.  Some people expect to see those results in the first month or two but if you’re taking the blogging route, expect to wait at least 6 months before you see decent income.  Read a lot and learn how to promote your blog.  Expect to put some time and effort into it.  But it can be fun and a good way to earn money from your writing skills