I for one have Cerebral Palsy or CP for short. CP is used to describe a disorder affecting the body movement and the muscles. CP is due to damage to the brain. (The doctors said, "the reason I have CP is due to not getting enough oxygen to the brain.")

Cerebral Palsy effects each individual in different ways. CP can effect one's speech, hand movement, or muscle movement. It can effect one limb or one side of the body depending upon how bad one side of the brain is damaged. CP can also affect the tightens of muscle or spasms, involuntary movement, difficulty in walking or running.

As a person continues to get older the CP can continue to get worse. If he or she does not do exercises to keep the muscles stretched. A person with CP must exercise daily in order to keep the muscles less spastic. If those with CP don't exercise their muscles could get so spastic that they may have to be bound to a wheel chair because after a while the muscle' s will become so tight that you will not be able to move if he or she does not due exercise to keep the muscles from being extremely spastic or tight. I am one of those who has to do exercise's because my muscle's are spastic or tight.

Most every one with CP will eventually have to end up having surgery or shots called botox in the areas of the body that is effected by the CP. I for one have had to have both the surgeries and the botox (shots.) When I was a small child I had to have both of my heel cords cut on both feet. I had to wear cast until my heels healed up. As I reached my early age of thirty I had to have to botox on my left leg in the groin area. When I got the shot I basically had to learn how to use my left leg because with the botox it deadens the muscles in the area that is affected from the CP. After, I went to physical therapy I learned how to walk using the muscles that I hadn't used in a long time in my leg. I later on had to have a surgery on my leg because my leg and knee started to turn in a lot more. The doctors had to make an incision in my groin area to cut the muscle. The surgery really did help a lot. Even though, I am an adult I still have to continue to do my exercises after the surgery to keep the groin muscle stretched if not I will be back to square one. I would like to leave everyone with this if you have a child with CP or knows an adult who has it, I would recommend that the child or adult to see a doctor that specialize in CP. If the CP is not diagnosed the child or adult may have more complications if not checked into.