Colors play an important role in our lives. And one important point to consider when talking about colors is the difference in meaning according to culture, as an example black could represent grieving in a certain culture, while in another culture white would represent the same thing.

The colors we like or prefer say a lot about our personality and different moods at different times. Also each color affects us in a certain way, so let's see the effect of some colors on us:

Black: Even though many women and men consider black to be a sexy color that attracts men to women who wear it, this color is also a serious color that stir up strong emotions and gives the impression of power and authority.

White: It is associated with purity, such as in weddings, doctors, or nurses. But still in some parts of the world it is considered a symbol of grieving.

Red: It is the color of energy and vitality, people who love this color are usually full of life and energetic in many ways. So wearing red or having it in our surroundings will increase our activity levels and make us dynamic and want to do a lot of things.

Blue: That calming color that we see in the sky or the sea is really a favorite for many people, because we all need the calming and pure feeling that we get when looking at blue. So, when some one's nervous system is on the edge it is really advisable to wear blue, to have it around, or better yet go to a place that has the view of sea and sky together.

Green: The color of nature, life, and dreams that will come true one day. It is also a calming and peaceful color like blue, but it is associated more with generosity, wealth, and good luck. Therefore, it is known that green makes life brighter to the eyes and heart, and people who love green are usually lively people.

Yellow: Some people associate this color with jealousy, but in truth it is the color of the sun, happiness, and freedom. It affects people with these feelings, but too much yellow is just too much, because it is also the color of the flames.

Purple: It is the color of mystery and privacy, of sophistication and wisdom, and it affects the brain activity in a positive way.

Brown: It is the color of earth, and the lighter shades especially are liked by many people because they represent our association with the earth, and it has a good effect on the feeling of stability.

Gray: It is a solid color that gives an impression of practicality and the solid things in life, but too much gray gives the impression of old age or depression, so it should be used mixed with other colors.

Orange: It is associated with fun, good times, and happy days, therefore it gives the feeling of energy, vitality, and joie de vivre.