There is a lot of talk about how computer games are bad for children. The truth is that they do have some benefit and it does not matter the type of games that are played. To gain these benefits, you will need to monitor the amount of time spent at the computer and make sure your child goes outside. Here are reasons to let your child play a computer game every now and then.

Computer Games Help to Train the Brain

One of the biggest benefits of computer games is that they help to train the brain. Children have to think about what they are doing, whether they are playing Call of Duty, FIFA or even a life simulator. They have to make decisions and figure out puzzles, which keeps the brain working. This helps to increase the attention span, improve school work and make the memory better.


There are some games that are better for this than others. Look out for those that use puzzles or ask questions. There are many free options available online to play through the computer but the games consoles also offer a variety – some, like the Wii Fit, help to train the body and the brain at the same time!

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

There is a lot happening within a computer game at any one time. There is the movement on the screen and then controlling through the joystick or game controller. Other skills are built playing these games, including decision making and strategy planning.


Think about the amount of concentration happens when trying to perform a task. It doesn’t matter whether your child is playing a one-player shooting game, a multi-player soccer game or even a movement game; they require the eyes to tell the brain that the hand needs to do something.

There Is History Involved

Some games help with education, especially history. Many of the war games involve a storyline, which includes history. You can help encourage learning by helping your child choose selective games to make the most out of their studying. It is not just history. Some games help with language, math and other subjects. This is something that you need to research before you buy a game for your child to play. The people in the store will be happy to help you find something suitable and worthwhile.


I didn’t believe this when I first heard it but then I thought about one of the shooting games my brother-in-law plays. The storyline is about World War II. It doesn’t go into detail but it helps to spark an interest in more detail.

Comfort While Ill or Injured

Children hate being stuck in the house when they do not want to be. Having computer games when they are injured or ill can be a great distraction. They will not feel the pain and will gain some of the rest that they need to recover quickly.


There is now the ability to play with friends, even when they are not in the same room. Many games consoles come with a way to communicate, whether through instant messaging or video chat. Children no longer feel like they are missing out on something and take the time to get better; after all, rest is all they usually need!

Help Improve Fitness

The Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect are great for improving fitness. This was always a problem for children playing computer games because they would be sat down for the entire time. There are fitness programs and dance games available and use a motion sensor to make sure you are doing all the moves. It also makes exercising fun so your children are more likely to do it. This is an excellent alternative to outside exercise on a rainy day.


To gain these benefits, you will need to make sure that your child’s time on the games is limited. There are downsides involved but it is important not to ignore the benefits. The next time your child wants to buy a new game, go with him or her and help find something suitable that will offer benefits to education, movement and other important life skills.