Corel VideoStudio Pro Review


corel videostudio pro x4 review(58507)The new video editing program from Corel, Corel VideoStudio Pro is a step by step guide for any amateur or even experienced Video editor. The Corel VideoStudio guides the user through the processes involved in shooting, editing and sharing videos online. Editing, processing and posting videos online is a part of my everyday job and this is something I have been doing since almost -5 years just as a hobby. I have seen, used and reviewed several photo-editing and video-editing software. For the first time I came across software that was so user friendly and interactive, very well designed and with a versatile interface. The Corel VideoStudio Pro is well equipped to handle my work and improvise it.

With the Corel VideoStudio Pro you can import the recorded video from your camcorder or your digital camera. You can edit or trim the videos, organize the videos in an order, apply effects such as transitions, overlays, voice-over narration or playback music and animated titles. It is easy to edit these effects in Corel VideoStudio Pro and organize them in the order you want them to be appear because they appear on a ‘Timeline’. Most of the problems in Video-editing are overcome by the interactive Timeline in Corel VideoStudio Pro. The Timeline arranges the photos video clips and the effects on the storyboard for easy access and editing.

The Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 provided me advanced tools and features that assist me in making better and more interactive videos at the ease of home and a hover of the mouse. The Corel VideoStudio Pro has a fully customizable work panel that lets you decide the sizes and positions of different tools. When using it on a large screen LCD Display the customized panels adds flexibility and makes editing more convenient. This feature is also helpful if you are using multiple displays. The enhanced library panel makes navigation more convenient.corel videostudio pro x4 review(58506)

The Corel VideoStudio allows you to create Stop Motion animation by using photos from DSLRs or compact Digital Cameras or even captured frames or snapshots from videos. The integrated WinZip allows you to save your work files as compressed Zip files. If your work comprises a specific template you can design a template and reuse it with every new project. Equip yourself for better and more productive output,  and start creating masterpieces,  the Corel VideoStudio Pro X is now available on amazon at 50% of its market price.