In theory, bedrooms are supposed to be the place of sanctuary. After a busy day, the bedroom is the place we go to relax. For couples, the bedroom is where the magic happens. Unfortunately, bedrooms has become extensions of our workplace. So instead of our bedroom becoming our sanctum it has become a busy place and simply a place to sleep in.

You are probably thinking "Hhow can I have my sanctuary without building a room extension or booking a hotel nearby. I want it to be permanent but don’t have to budget to do so." Well there are ways and you can start by doing Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment[1]. In layman terms, Feng Shui deals with object arrangement and space planning designed to bring balance, harmony and well-being to your environment. The goal of feng shui is to enhance creativity, prosperity, health and romance. 

Using simple principles of Feng Shui, you can easily bring romance boost to your bedroom.

For regular maintenance

Romantic bedroomCredit:

1. Unmade beds = unromantic. So make your bed every single morning. It will only take 2 minutes to make your bed and the act itself defines the space as something important to your life. A neat and well-dressed bed enhances closeness and passion. 

2. Add more pillows to your bed. Have you noticed how hotels invest in soft, fluffy pillows and they are many of them! Flat pancake pillows are for dorms.

3. Use bedsheets and pillow covers with high tread count because believe it or not, high thread counts adds comfort to your touch. 

4. Avoid clutter in your bedroom. Clutter distracts you from relaxing and enjoying your bedroom. No ashtrays, trash, dead plants and nothing should be stored under the bed.

5. Clean regularly to avoid accumulation of cobwebs and dust.  How can you be romantic when you’re constantly sneezing or feeling itchy.

On decorating and rearranging your bedroom

1. Put pictures, memorabilia, sentimental gifts, anything that reminds you of the love you and your partner share. Remove pictures of you as a child, your children or relatives. 

2. Add mood lighting. You can also use bedside lamps and occasional candles for those romantic rendezvous.

3. Enhance your bedroom with romance colours of either pinks, reds and whites. These colours might be too girly for men so schemes of maroon, greyish tones of pinks and whites can also be used with the same results. Browns, beiges, lavenders and deeper shades of those can also work.

4. Use the 'Pairs Principle' in Feng Shui. This means putting pair decorations to signify love, romance, fidelity and affection. The Chinese symbol for love is Mandarin ducks. You can use two candles, two nightstands, two potted plants, two pillows, and anything else as long as they come in pairs.

5. The bed should be the commanding furniture of the room. The door for entering the room should be easily seen. The head of the bed should be against a wall or a corner. Should there be nightstands there must be on both sides of the bed. It is best that the bed is open on three sides to attract and keep a partner. The bed should never be placed under a window.

6. Placing pink heart-shaped crystals and wind chimes in a sunny window will attract positive love energy. Plus you will love the relaxing chimes when the wind blows into your room.

7. Make your bedroom smell wonderful with a bit of aromatherapy. You can use scented candles, fragrance plugins, scented dream stones, popurri, etc.

Other things to consider

1. Don't bring work in the bedroom!

2. Go to bed together. Stick to a time no matter what. Pillow talk and other romantic things wouldn’t happen if you don’t go to bed together.

3. Occasionally use that lingerie that is hibernating in the drawer. Wear them even when you aren’t “in the mood”. They do make you feel sexy. 

4. Keep the TV off. There is nothing wrong with snuggling up to a good movie but don’t make it a nightly habit. You might get too used to it you forget what the bedroom is for.

In conclusion:

If you happen to notice Feng Shui works in making your environment work best for you. The note to remove clutter from your bedroom isn’t merely to keep things clean. Rather, being tidy helps makes finding things easier, eases stress, you don’t trip on anything, removes distraction, etc. It’s all about common-sense. So the next time you redecorate your bedroom, keep these simple Feng Shui tips in mind and remove all kinds of distraction for a beautiful place of inner peace and romantic moments.