Toddlers need activities to grow and as parents it is critical that we came up with fresh, educational toddler activities and games. However, so many parents turn to what I call "Activities in a Box" like dinner, instead of using the things around us, parents search for prepared activities. Toddler games and activities do not have to be this way.

Things You Will Need

Use almost anything around the house.

Step 1

Get out those pots and pans and let the toddler turn them into something much more. These basic household goods make great toddler games, it just takes a bit of creativity. First, let make the pots and pans transform into a toddler music game. Let them pound on each pot and watch as they begin to pick up the different sounds, the first step in any musical and auditory development.

Step 2

Fill up the sink with soap and water. Stand the toddler at the sink with a few cups and other plastic bowls. All toddlers learn through senses and playing in water is a great avenue of developing the sense of touch. Basic soap and water makes for a great toddler activity.

Step 3

Take the toddler outside for some great toddler game ideas. Play the basic games, but do it barefooted and on different surfaces. For example play one game in the grass and the next on cement (assuming it is not too hot). Playing such games as Duck-Duck-Goose barefooted is a great way of letting the toddler learn about the environment around them.

Step 4

Turn on the radio and let the toddler dance their heart out. This is perhaps one of the most overlooked toddler activities, just sitting in front of us. Dancing is beneficial both physically and mentally. So go ahead turn on that CD or radio and remember they won't care if it is trip back to your youth, it is just music to them.

Toddler games and activities do not have to be develop by a Phd. As parents we are the best teachers our toddlers will ever have, so take the time and watch them grow.

Tips & Warnings

Don't over do the organized games, sometimes toddlers must be left alone to explore, on their own.