When I was a teenager, I started suffering from depression. I didn’t realise that it was depression and wasn’t diagnosed until years later. One thing that has always helped with dealing with the feelings was my writing. It helped me be creative. It’s why I never stop. Whether I’m writing for businesses, creating posts here or even just making up the stories in my head, writing is important.

Creativity helps in so many ways, whether you enjoy writing, drawing or developing computer games. It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you let yourself discover new things and let out your feelings of depression in some way. Here are ways that I have found creativity helps deal with depression.

Deal with depression
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Let your creativity free and deal w ith depression

Let Your Feelings Out

One thing I hate doing is talking about feelings. Many people are like this; they do not want others to know their problems or believe that there’s no way of helping them. This is how creativity helps. It allows you to express your feelings without actually admitting to talking. It allows you to solve a situation and see different sides to the problem.

One way is by creating characters to tell the story. Allow one character to feel the way you are and then have the others act like the people around you. While you won’t get the exact situation as you have no idea how others will react or whether they will help, you can get your feelings out and see them all written down on paper.

Spend Time with Thoughts in a Healthy Way

There is nothing wrong with being left to your own thoughts but too much can be damaging. I know when I suffered from depression (and when I have relapses) being left on my own for too long makes it worse. You start hiding away but then feel lonely and worse.

Creativity allows you to spend time on your own but in a healthier way. Instead of being left with your thoughts, you are being left with something else to do. You can turn your thoughts into a picture, into a story or a computer game and help deal with the situation at hand. There is less chance of mulling over the same point over and over again as writing it down or even drawing allows you to move on to the next part or find a solution.

How Others Deal with Depression

Find a Positive in the Negative

There are often good things happening even though you think it is all bad. Your creativity will help you see that positives in all the negatives – your creativity could be one of those positives! Finding the positives is important to help deal with depression and prevent relapses in the future. Yes, bad things may happen but find the reason why they do. I failed a year at university but it meant that I met my husband and now have my daughter.

Creativity helps you find the positives because you can see everything clearly. When it is in the mind, it becomes so jumbled that it is difficult to see anything. You can then focus on the good parts and create a story around that or a computer game that focuses on that as the happy ending.

Repressed Creativity Can Lead to Depression

When you’re not able to let your creativity out, you start to feel sad, right? I know when there’s something creative that I want to do but can’t, I start to resent the people around me or the thing that is stopping me from being creative. It leads into a spiral of depression and the only thing that will help you get out of that is to stop whatever you’re doing and let your creative spirit out.

Take dancing, for instance. You put your heart and soul into every performance that you do. It tells a story and you can feel something great from it. When you’re stopped from doing it, those feelings become locked away. They can’t get out and they become so overwhelming. It is easy to go into a state of depression.

Of course, creativity doesn’t stop all depression symptoms. It is just one way to help you express your feelings and deal with a situation at hand. Focus on being more creative, whether you like to write stories, dance or even create computer games. When mixed with a healthy diet, exercise and just getting out of the house and letting daylight into your life, you will find yourself on the path to beating depression and any future relapses for good.

Note: Please note that these are personal experiences for informational purposes only. They do not constitute as advice.