“Time is money” is one of those sayings that never goes out of style. Today, busy businesses need as many ways as possible to save time and money in order to make them competitive. It isn’t just the large details that make the difference. Small items that make daily chores easier and increase the flow in any one area can have an important impact on the overall productivity of the business.

One of these items is a rubber stamp. These tools aren’t limited to a single design like they were in the past. Today, they come in a variety of styles including the pre-inked and self-inking stamps that make it fast and easy to put the information that you want on multiple pieces of correspondence or documents. In addition, the option for getting custom made stamps also allows companies to put the information that they want with the logos or insignias that represent their company accurately.

Anyone who has spent their time addressing envelopes knows how much time it can make. The more mail you have going out each day, the longer it takes to get everything addressed. While custom printed envelopes are an option for some businesses, this can require a significant investment that may exceed their budget. Another complication can be that different sizes of envelopes are needed which makes custom printing an option that is not as cost-effective as using a rubber address stamp.

For many companies that send out large volumes of self-addressed correspondence each day, the time investment can prevent workers from taking care of other tasks that are important to their business. Custom return address stamps that already have the ink inside take less time to use than traditional stamps that must first be stamped in ink before pressing on the envelope. There is also less mess and expense from the need to refill ink pads with more ink regularly.

Although rubber stamps have been used in different businesses for decades, the technology behind their use today continues to improve. Self-inking designs are made with a water-based ink pad within the stamper. When you press it down, the stamp with the address is lifted off the ink pad and turns to be pressed against the envelope. Although these products are still described as being made of rubber, they have actually been replaced by a modern material that is more effective.

A custom made address rubber stamp is the closest thing you will get to custom printed envelopes but without the expense or the inconvenience of managing your inventory. Laser etched engravings are capable of printing on almost any material and they give you clear results time after time. Pre-inked stamps can provide you with as many as 50,000 impressions before you have to add more ink. There are so many ways that a custom stamper can help you free up the time investment your employees make at addressing your correspondence and give them more opportunities to improve productivity. They also provide you with an impressive, custom made method of putting your business name on every piece of mail.