New and exciting announcements are spewing from the company faster than a speeding bullet, making fans hopeful for the company's future.

DC Comics

With the rapidly growing interest of super hero films in pop culture, many would agree that Marvel is the powerhouse of the industry. With blockbusters already under their belt including "The Avengers", the "Iron Man" trilogy, and the recently released and highly praised "Guardians of the Galaxy," it seems that the rival DC is falling far behind.

Now, credit is given where credit is due. Although DC has had success in "The Dark Knight" trilogy and "Man of Steel," comic book fans are very unforgiving (and with good reason) of the company's embarrassing flops such as "Green Lantern," "Jonah Hex," and "Superman Returns." This being said, recent announcements make it seem as though DC has realized its mistakes and is finally emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the world of film.

Fans were treated to their first dosage of "nerdgasms" at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. There, "Man of Steel" director, Zack Snyder proudly announced the future production of a "Batman v. Superman" film to a hysterically cheering audience of fans. This news put Marvel on the back burner as geeks raved about the first ever Superman/Batman team-up on the big screen.

Another exciting announcement occurred in April of 2014 when it was released that Snyder would also be directing a "Justice League" movie that would hit theaters soon after "Batman v. Superman," using the same actors and concurrent universe as the "Man of Steel" franchise. This shows that DC is carefully analyzing Marvel's success in "The Avengers" by creating an inter-locking world while simultaneously attempting to improve upon it by establishing the base characters and their stories (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) under the same director.

In response to Marvel's long list of future films set to hit the screen, DC has also stated that they will also be releasing a number of "solo" hero films. This is the most organized and on the ball DC Entertainment seems to have been in years, and with talks of Wonder Woman, Shazam, Flash, and Aquaman films circulating the web, fans are beginning to regain faith. They know what DC can be capable of if they make all the right moves. The edgy, darker, and more realistic approach that DC directors Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder have adopted is a refreshing contrast when Marvel's heavily green screen-reliant scenes and forced humor become a bit too much.

If Warner Brothers can execute these upcoming movies well, they'll be giving Marvel a run for their money.

Justice League

"Snyder would also be directing a "Justice League" movie that would hit theaters soon after 'Batman v Superman.'"