Breathing is something that all people can do no matter who they are or where they are from. The ability to simply breathe allows our bodies to take in the oxygen we need and expel the carbon dioxide we don’t. Yet this is the only function of the human body which is both involuntary and voluntary. With just a little focus the depth of our breathing can be altered and changed. We can even hold our breath and stop breathing for a short amount of time. There is no other function of the human body like it.  Over the years there have been many benefits discovered that deep breathing provides a person. It is profound how much of a difference this one activity can bring to someone.

When you practice deep breathing the oxygen is being drawn deeper into your lungs. This enables your heart to work at a higher capacity than it normally would.  With oxygen being delivered to all of the cells of your body in a more efficient manner there will be an aerobic benefit to all the cells of your body that will result in a loss of weight if practiced on a regular basis.  The lymphatic system of the body will also benefit from the practice of taking in air deeply.  This is the system that rids the body of toxins and in order to move them out of the system, they rely on bodily movement and deep breathing to detoxify a person and allow them to live a healthier life.

When it comes to your mental health there is nothing more important than being able to relax. One of the simplest methods to provide relaxation to yourself is to practice deep breathing. By controlling your intake of oxygen deeply into your lungs there is a feeling of relaxation that will overwhelm a person and cause their heart to slow and blood flow to increase.  This peaceful and calming feeling can be brought into your consciousness at any moment by simply taking a moment and taking in air deeply.

Along with relaxation there is a mental clarity that deep breathing will bring you. It can be attributed physically to the increased oxygen in the blood and the flow of that blood to the brain. Often in life the mental chatter that we all endure can become overwhelming and there is so much happening it is difficult to focus. By using the incredible power of deep breathing there is an ability to quiet the mind and allow the thoughts to come to us in a slower and more digestible fashion.