Spend Less On Food

How Do Experts By Cheap Groceries?

If you want to save more money when you go grocery shopping who do you think could help you? I would think that people who actually manage and own grocery stores would have some pretty good advice. In fact, I consulted the local grocery store manager to find out how he would shop for groceries in order to spend the least amount of money possible.

Maximize Coupons If You Use Them

Coupons are good, but make sure you understand how your own market handles them. Some grocers have double or even triple coupon days on specific days of the week. If you are the type of person who likes to collect and use coupons, doesn't it make sense to do your shopping on one of these special promotion days? I have known people who got so good at coupon shopping that they even manged to buy some items for a store credit! While that may be rare, I certainly know other people who save ten to twenty percent of their grocery bill by using store and manufacturer's coupons wisely.

Can You Save On Groceries Without Coupons?

I am actually not a big fan of coupons. They never seem to be for the types of things that I want to buy. In many cases, I can buy the store brand or a sale item for less than the coupon price anyway.

Here is the big tip. Simply shop the sales. This means you have to go to the grocery store with an open mind. You may know that you need to buy a protein for 6 meals, for example. But you may want to decide what the protein will be until you see what is on sale. This also means you may want to head for that section first so you can decide what other items to purchase in order to prepare the bargains you found! Of course you may be able to look in the newspaper or check grocery store fliers before you start shopping.

Buy The Right Things At The Right Store

I have found that some things are not always cheapest at the grocery store. Many people tend to pick up things like cleaning supplies at the grocery store because it is convenient. However, you may save a lot of money if you purchase cleaning supplies at a discount, dollar, or even hardware store.