What are ways in which I can become a better person, a better me? Every night before I go to bed, I pray that I can become a better person than the day before. Let me first say that I do not think that I am a horrible person and that’s why I ask for this. I ask for this because I know that I can become a better person.

Better MeCredit: markuso

I know that there is more that I can give, say and do for myself and others and I intend to become that person. I decided to come up with some ways in which I can try to become a better me. I’m sure I’ll add to this list, but the items below will give me a good start in finding happiness on my journey to a better person.

Become a Volunteer

I have wanted to volunteer for the longest time, but I haven’t and I don’t have a good reason for it either. I just haven’t signed up for anything. I can say that I have reviewed different volunteer opportunities and have read through them and even looked at my calendar to see if I would be free, but I have not taken that extra step to give my name and commit to spending my time helping others. Commitment issues? Selfishness? Lazy? Scared? I’m not sure what it is but I know that I can become a better person by giving my time and helping others.

Create My Life Checklist

I thought it would be fun (and hold me accountable) if I created a checklist of the things I would like to do, see and experience in life. I guess some people call it a bucket list, but I think a life checklist sounds better, more positive. I decided to start working on creating my life checklist.

Ask How Are You Feeling?

It’s natural to ask others how they are doing. Usually people respond with “fine” or “good”, but what does that tell you about them? I don’t think I find out anything about those people with this question or by their response, so my new thing that I’ll ask is, “How are you feeling?” I’m sure this will take some people by surprise and might even confuse them. However, I think they will appreciate me asking more than the usual question and it could open up a more personal conversation so that I can get to know people better.

Read Positive Books and Articles

I enjoy reading immensely. Fiction is fine to escape the day-to-day routine and monotony that may settle in your life from time to time, however, books that help build on yourself and create a new outlook on life can stimulate your life enough to not have to escape the normal every day existence. I feel that reading self-help books or uplifting true stories helps me to develop into a better human being and I will continue to seek out those books that will enrich my life. I'd like to be happy and reading makes me happier, which ultimate leads to becoming a better person.

Keep Writing

Expression, in any form, is therapeutic. No matter if I make a profit, I feel that writing will allow my spirit and energy to flow through the universe and will bring me a sense of fulfillment that I hope allows me to become a better person.