Once you've decided that you'd like to donate your eggs to a fertility clinic to help infertile couples conceive there are a few things that must be done.

You must find a fertility clinic that accepts egg donations. Most large towns and cities have at least one facility that you can apply to. Simply do a search for your town/state and the phrase egg donor or egg donating and you will be able to find out where to apply.

Once a place has been selected you should read their website to determine whether or not you meet the qualifications to be a donor. Once it is determined that you meet the criteria (age, health, tobacco free, etc) you will need to have a physical and psychological exam to ensure that you are capable of the donation process.

The beginning of the donor process actually begins with stopping the normal functioning of your ovaries. This helps to control how your body will respond to the fertility drugs themselves. This stage lasts for at least a week. This is done by self injection at home.

Once your ovaries have been controlled you will begin taking the fertility drugs. These drugs stimulate your ovaries to produce and mature more eggs than they normally would. The clinic wants to get several eggs from the procedure. This is done for 10 days and is once again a self injection done at home.

It is important during this phase that you do not have unprotected sexual intercourse. You can become pregnant during fertility treatment and could end up with a multiple birth to deal with.

Egg retrieval involves a hollow needle and some suction. This procedure is not very dangerous but it is tiring and you will need to rest for a day or so afterwards.

There you have it. How to donate eggs in a nut…eggshell. There are risks involved in the process and you should consider all the possible health risks before decided to become an egg donor.