Are you asking how to find daycare centers in my area? These tips will help you find daycares near you.

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Are you having trouble finding childcare near you? The first step to choosing a daycare program for your child, creating a list of daycare centers, seems like it should be the easiest step. However, many parents learn that simply finding daycares in their area is not that easy. This is in part because well-establish and well-liked home daycare centers do not need to advertise their business. They get plenty of business from word of mouth referrals. In-home daycare providers will also save on business expenses by limiting their advertising and relying on these referrals and free internet listings.

How to find daycare centers in my area tips:

Other Parents

Ask parent friends at work or in your neighborhood for childcare recommendations. Moms and other playgroups can be a great resource for daycare recommendations. If your playgroup has an internet message board, create a post asking for referrals in the area you are looking for. 

Search the Internet

Do an internet search through one of several websites such as or These sites have databases to search for both facility and in home daycare centers.

Contact Daycare Licensing

Contact your local agency that oversees daycares. This is usually a county agency ( lists this information). Ask for a list of licensed daycares that you can contact. The daycare licensing agency may not give you a complete list of every daycare center in your area, but it will be a good place to start.

Spread the Word

Contact several of the in-home daycares to find other in-home daycare providers. You can ask providers to put you in touch with other home daycares. Give your phone number and email to one provider and you will likely have several more contacting you.

Find a Daycare the Old Fashioned Way

Often new, just starting home daycare providers will start advertising the old-fashioned way: with a sign. Drive around your community to find daycares in your area. When you are looking for them, you are likely to find several daycare facilities in your area.

Look in the phone book. Some daycares do still list themselves in the yellow pages, although usually these are the larger facilities with a larger advertising budget.

Also, check bulletin boards in the community. You may see business cards and flyers posted on coffee shop or library bulletin boards.

Once you’ve found several daycare centers in your area, take the time to interview and choose your daycare center carefully. Referrals and high praise from other parents will give you a good first impression of a home daycare provider. But you need to spend more time with the childcare provider in their place of business to get a feel for the type of care provided and if it will be a good fit for you and your child.