How Do I Find Out if I Have a Warrant for My Arrest for Free?

Surprisingly there are a lot of people searching out the same information hoping for a quick and easy answer. This day and age an arrest warrant can be issued for a multitude of reasons ranging from a simple error to suspicion of a major crime. If you are needing to know how to find out if you have a warrant here are some simple steps you can take to get the information that you need and also ways to take care of it before ending up in jail.

Court House Records Can Show Current Warrants Issued for You:

A quick trip to the local court house can let you know if you have a warrant for your arrest. This method can often give you the information that you need in order to get it cleared up or explain why it was issued in the first place if you are uncertain as to what it is for. The only downside to this method is that location does matter - if you have a warrant for your arrest that has been issued outside of the courthouses general jurisdiction then they are not likely to have any record of it. For this reason if there is a major concern you may want to visit and check with the surrounding court houses or proceed on to one of the other available options for a more thorough and complete search.

Police Database Search to Find Out if you Have Existing Warrants:

Though this may be a trickier method and the one most likely to have you seeing some time behind bars or at least a short spurt in cuffs (depending) it is still very valid and viable. Making contact with an officer and requesting that they run a background check on your name through their database can uncover whether or not you have an arrest warrant issued for you. Often times however, you can call in to your local police department and request this same information without having to be face to face - whether or not they will release it depends fully on the circumstances, legalities and the officer you speak with.

Online Background Check and Records Search to Find Warrants:

There are numerous online services that offer background and records searches for free that may show you whether or not you have a warrant for your arrest. However there is no guarantees with these services and for the most complete records and information you would have to actually pay to use the services in their fullest capacities. This method is probably the most utilized by individuals searching out information on "How do I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?" Most likely this is because these services are anonymous and the chances of ending up - even temporarily - behind bars because of your inquiry are slim to non-existent. One thing you do need to ensure before paying for a service is that it truly will uncover whether or not warrants are present - this information should be discussed on the individual site under the FAQ's pr services offered sections.

I haven't Done Anything Wrong! Why is There a Warrant for my Arrest?

Unfortunately there are errors made quite regularly that resort in individuals ending up with a warrant for their arrest un-deservingly. These errors can be caused by an array of factors but typically are caused by typo's while inputting names or identifying numbers such as case numbers etc. They can also occur when more than one person innocently shares the same name causing a whole mistaken identity scenario - luckily these are both often easily cleared up once your full correct personal information is realized.

Another reason may be that you have done something wrong it just wasn't major and or you just don't remember it. Something as minor (depending on stance and perspective) as an unpaid fine or traffic ticket or even failure to appear in court on a scheduled date can result in you having a warrant for your arrest. So, if you have searched out "How do I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest" and stumbled across a method that indeed shows you do ensure you mailed in and have receipts for any fines or tickets that were issued in your name.

A more troubling option and one you need to be especially careful of is stolen identity. If you have had your personal information stolen another person could be committing illegal acts and through your stolen credit cards, social security numbers and ID's these actions could have been linked back to you.

How To Clear up An Arrest Warrant without Necessarily Having to Go to Jail

Typically, and this is often dependent on what the warrant was issued for, you can contact the court clerk where the warrant was originally granted and schedule an appointment/hearing to come in and take care of whatever matter had the judge issuing it in the first place. Often you will need to appear before a judge to discuss the matter and pay the outstanding fee(s) if applicable. To find out where the warrant was issued you may need to make a call to the local police department to find out exactly which courthouse you need to visit or call.

The above information includes some of the best techniques to use to learn How Do I Find Out if I Have a Warrant for My Arrest and also to uncover just why it is there if you are unable to find an immediate or otherwise logical answer. For those who discover that they have had their identity stolen the process can be more difficult and you will want to make sure you have taken steps to get proof, which will be required, that you truly did not commit the actions that resulted in a bench warrant being issued and also take steps to protect your identity from further misuse.