What Can I Do If I Don't Have Any Electricity But Need To Get Online?

The best thing you can do to get online when you are without power is to plan ahead.  By planning ahead, you will know your options for getting on the Internet when you are in the dark.  The Internet is usually available at your local library or at an Internet cafe shop like a Starbucks.  You can prepare from now by getting a list of Internet Cafe's in your area and making sure you have a valid library card.  

Since the Internet is the center of today's life whether it is personal or business, losing access to it is sometimes even more damaging than losing electricity itself.  Many of us stay connected to loved ones through email and most home business cannot survive without the Internet so it is vital that they stay connected even if it's for a short period until they can get to a stable source of power or until the power comes back on.

Some people might make mockery by saying, the Internet is the last thing you should worry about during a power outage, however, for those who have online businesses or need the Internet for their livelihood, they know that a day without Internet access could really hurt their business and income.

In case of natural disasters like storms, floods or hurricanes, there are times where power goes out for hours or even days together, just like you have back up sources of electricity, you should also have back up ways to access the Internet. 

Some Ways You Can Get Online When You Lose Power

Of course as we have already discussed, you can go to the library or an Internet cafe. However, there are other ways such as:

Smart Phone- Mobile broadband

A Smart Phone is your best friend when trying to access the Internet during power outages. Your Smart Phone has a great deal of things you can use such as web browsers, GPS, word processing programs, video games and data synchronization with e-mail clients etc. It has a wireless network modem that helps connect you to the World Wide Web. You can do your work and check email on your smart phone during power outages. There are many WIFI hotspots available. Certain big shopping mall and hotels provide free wireless hotspot. You can go to such places and access the Internet through your Smart Phone. The cost of accessing the Internet via Smart Phone is comparatively higher than the other options.

Speaking of mobile broadband, Net Zero has once again made an appearance in the world of Internet access.  We remember Net Zero as one of the first companies to offer free access to the Internet and now  once again, they are back and among the first to offer mobile hotspot devices in order to access the Internet using mobile broadband while you are traveling on vacation, business or even when the power goes out.  If you need to always be able to access the Internet, you can use a mobile hot spot device available at online retailers like Amazon.  

Apple iPad's newest model gives you both the ability to connect online usinApple iPad MD366LLCredit: Amazon.comg WIFI or AT&T's 4g mobile broadband service.  So if you are thinking of getting an iPad and always need to access the Internet, Apple iPad MD366LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi + AT&T 4G, is the best model to get because it gives you that additional 4g mobile hot spot option when you cannot get WIFI.




USB and Bluetooth Tethering

Sometimes, it is hard to work with your Smart Phones. Browsing the websites or checking emails are easy with your Smart Phones. But, if you wish to compose a letter or write a thesis, using your fingers on the Smart Phone key pad or touch screen makes these tasks almost impossible. In such cases, you need a laptop or computer to complete your work. During power outages, you can connect your laptop or computer to your Smart Phone and access internet. This can be done in two ways: Wired network and wireless network. In wired network, you can use a USB cable option to connect your laptop and Smart Phone. The Smart Phone acts as a router and connect you to the Internet and you will be able to access websites through your computer even during power outages. This type of connection is called as USB Tethering. Please check if your tablet or iPad has this wired tethering option and also check with the service provider to make sure that you have a tethering plan or that tethering is allowed. Generally, this is not included in iPad and most tablets as they are designed to work in WIFI mode.

Bluetooth Tethering is another way of linking your laptop, tablet or personal computer to internet via Smart phones. This is a wireless tethering option. You can connect laptop and computer via smart phones simultaneously with this option. The wireless apps in your smart phone gives this option and you have to use your smart phone as a wireless router to connect to internet. Please be aware, wired network are safer than the wireless network. There possibility of information leakage is high in wireless network. An unauthorized person can even access your information when you are connected through wireless network. As stated above, make sure this type of tethering is allowed with your service provider.

Dial-up connection

Dial what? Yes, dial up is still available.  People still use VCR's and people still use dial up.  You should make sure you have a phone with a cord that's not electric so that you can use your landline during a power outage.  With this same phone, as long as you have a dial up Internet plan, you can access the Internet.

Dial-up connection will be one of the best options to access the Internet when the power goes out. You need to have an external data modem and you can dial up access point to connect to internet. This dial-up connection works when your phone lines are working. You need to check with your Internet Service provider to find the nearest access phone line number to dial. You can explain them that you are asking this for a back-up purpose and to use during power outages. The dial-up charges are considerably cheaper than mobile broadband or DSL.  Internet service will be much slower using dial up service, but you can still get stuff done.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

You can use a USP battery to access the Internet during a power outage.  It supplies sufficient power to make your computer work for few hours. A basic UPS will help the computer work for five to twenty minutes when there is a power failure. This will help to shut down the computer properly without any loss of data or work. If you foresee a power outage for more hours, the best thing you can do is to connect only the modem and router to the UPS to receive the power supply. Then you can work on your laptop or notebook and access the Internet. Modems use up a lot less power so that's why this would be the best option. When the laptop works on a battery, it automatically goes to power saving mode and uses less power. This will help to stay connected with both electric power and Internet access for quite a few hours.

You should always make sure your laptop is fully charged, so that you have a few hours of battery power to work with. If you have a UPS, check if it is in working condition and make sure it is charged fully. There are Smart Phones, and UPS available that can be charged using solar energy. If you face frequent power outages, you can buy those items and get them charged on sunny days. A car battery is also a good source of electricity. You can make use of car batteries to charge your smart phones, laptop.  

Stay prepared to stay connected.

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