How to Remove Jeetyet Media Adware from your Computer

If you want to know how to remove Jeetyet Media from your P.C or disable Jeetyet Media Adware then please read this article as it has been written to help you.

Please follow the instructions below and within ten minutes your computer should be back to normal.

Who are Jeetyet Media?

As it states on their website Jeetyet Media are,

a global media and advertising network representing some of the world's most popular digital companies and web brands.

So basically they produce adverts. 

However these are not normal adverts. These are the intrusive adverts that stop you from viewing the web page you are on by producing a pop-up or even, the most annoying of all, redirecting you to watch an advert before allowing you to return to browsing! 

It can be quite tricky to remove with even a Norton deep scan not clearing it. Hopefully the following steps will banish it from your P.C. forever.

Removing Jeetyet Media Adware Steps

Method 1

Here is the first method that I used which was successful and hopefully it will be for you to.

1. Go to browser "Add-0ns"

2. Then go to "extensions"

3. Click on "Yontoo Layers" 

From here it is possible to disable of remove the programme by clicking disable or uninstall.


Removing Jeetyet Media Adware Steps

Method 2

If for any reason the first method does not work then it is possible just to go to the add/remove programmes list and you should see the programme Yontoo. You can select this and disable or uninstall if you wish.

How Do I Know If I have Jeetyet Media Adware?

If you've not noticed lots of new adverts appearing all over the web then in all probability you don't have the adware. This is because the adware is incredibly annoying and sprays adverts everywhere even on websites that never advertise like government sites and wikipedia.

I first noticed it while wiewing the BBC website. The BBC do not advertised and when I was on their website I started noticing new adverts appearing under banner headlines. 

It is also very noticeable as this adware actually stops you browsing the web. When visiting various websites I would notice that a screen would cover the entire browsing window and I would have no option but to watch, eventually an advertisement would appear and I had to watch. After a short while it would allow me to visit the website I had originally wanted to visit by clicking on a link.

It was very annoying  and frustrating.

It is possible that other ads will appear on your browser that don't come under the Jeetyet media name but are equally as intrusive. Other apps that come under the Yontoo banner that will be removed during this proces are:


Banner Gadgets

Page Rage

Free Twittube

Best Video Downloader


Drop Down Deals



Easy Inline

Media Gadget

Date Hint

Topic Torch



So hopefully this has worked and those nasty adverts will disappear for good. If it still hasn't been resolved you can contact the company with your complaint directly on