A web directory is a website that provides links to other websites and categorises them.  Though thanks to Google’s excellent search capabilities, web directories are becoming a thing of the past.  They are now more common when it comes to things that are difficult to find via a search engine. Things like finding suppliers for a business; there are website that specializes in finding certain suppliers and then lists them all on the website.  So if such as you are looking for handbags, there may be a fashion supplier directory, on which you type in “handbags” and it will show you all the companies that supply handbags.

There are websites like Web10 Directory that gives directories for things like employment.  This is good, because often it is difficult finding employment websites that offer genuine jobs.  Companies will often advertise via their own website or use an employment agency.  This will leave you with little choice.  You can either join an employment agency and end up giving them most of your wages for a set time, (not to mention being more easily fixable), or you can trawl through company websites.

Web10 Directory

Trawl through company websites?

If they are advertising jobs on their own website, then it is a good idea to check them out, right?

Wrong.  It is true that most modern websites will advertise jobs on their website, but how to you know that they are advertising in your area for your specific job type?  Let’s say you are a semi-qualified accountant.  You can check out the websites for big hotels, theme parks and factories, but you will have to be lucky to find a job for an accountant advertised at the same time you are looking, within your area.

Using a web directory will clump together all the jobs in one area.  So yeah you will still have to search through pages, but you are far more likely to find the job you want, than if you were to go through the websites of all of your local companies, hoping they have jobs and hoping they have accountancy jobs.

Web10 Directory(79024)

So web directories are a thing of the past.  Thanks to better web crawlers and search engines, web directories are not extensively use.  However there will always be a need for web directories for certain things.  It is just faster and easier than going through hundreds of meaningless web pages.

The other good thing about web directories is that they also offer extra links that may interest you.  I am not saying that these will be good sites, as there will be one or two spam crap ones trying to get traffic, but if we go back to Web10 Directory.  When you click on their employment section, they also have a bit where they give related links.  These involve things like job sites too, but also advice pages on good resume writing, or extra learning sites.  They even have stuff that will help tide you over your unemployed phase, like paid survey taking.

All web directories will have the spam and crap that will put people off.  People seem to forget that this happens with search engines too.  The sad fact is that if there were more web directory sites out there that did not accept the quick cash from these useless sites, then more people may have faith in web directories again.

So you want to know, How Do I Know What Directories Are Worthwhile?

Simple, if you try the web directory and the first few links you try to do not help you, then the directory is a waste of time.  If you go to a site and the first thing you see is adverts for weight loss, penis enlargements and exercise free muscle-building, then the web directory is not worthwhile.