A friend of mine recently asked me how I make money with online articles and I suddenly realized that curious readers may be interested in knowing more about it.

You are reading quite a lot of articles yourself, aren't you? But do you know how these articles generate revenue? Aren't you a bit curious about it?

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1. Advertisements

Advertisements are of course one of the main source of revenue. You can see ads every here and there in blogs, websites, etc... Even in this very article, you will find ads. The main ads program for little publishers like me (less than 10k readers per month) is the Google program called Adsense.

It pays fairly well as long as readers click on ads. However, if the clicks are not genuine and if these clicks are just coming from friends who want to help me make money, Google will detect it and ban me for life. It would have been too easy, wouldn't it?

How does Google determine fake clicks? Statistics! How many other users have clicked on this particular ads? How many clicks per readers is this author generating? How long did the reader stayed on the page after clicking on the ads? How many sales were made after those clicks? Etc...

Avoiding Ads

By the way, some people use plugins/addons to avoid seeing ads on the internet. They probably find it more enjoyable to surf without being bothered by ads. 

I wouldn't recommend it. The problem is that by doing it, you are depriving authors from their natural source of income. If everyone was doing it, many wonderful bloggers would have to give up this activity and the internet would be deprived from their fantastic to-be-published articles.

And I am not speaking for myself. I am mainly blogging for fun and don't make that much money anyway.

2. Affiliate Links

This is also some kind of advertising but it is very different from the Adsense ads. 

Affiliate links are used to identify when a writer successfully promotes a product or online shop to his/her readers. The most common example is Amazon.

If you check the top of this article, I have added a module promoting a speaker with a link to Amazon. If a reader clicks on it and buy things at Amazon (even not related to this particular product), I get some commissions on the sales. It is basically to thank me for bringing customers to them.

This time, I can ask people to click on it, it won't be seen as cheating. But this is only because I won't make money per click (again, it would be too easy), only if people actually buy things (and don't return them after the first few days).

Affiliates sales is particluarly profitable for those who are good at selling things (I am not one of them).

SellingCredit: Allposters

3. Referral Links

Another way to make money is with referral links. The aim this time is for the author to find out the next very successful online writer before this person has even started this activity.

For example, if you join InfoBarrel using this link and make tons of money every month writing here, I will get a small percentage of this money myself (2% to be exact). 

The good thing is that for the person using this link, it does not change anything. He/she gets the same revenue whether he/she uses this link or not. The referral share I get is coming from the site share.

For example, let's imagine someone who writes an article that generates $10 in ads and affiliates sales. This person may get $7, and InfoBarrel the remaining $3. If this person used my link to register, he/she will still get $7, I will get $0.2 and InfoBarrel $2.8.

Not something to get rich with, unless someone using my link gets very successful or if tons of people use this link and each make a bit of money.

WritingCredit: Allposters.com

4. Other Sources of Revenue

There are many other ways to make money when you are a writer but they are less common and more marginal.

For example, you could sell keywords. Some newcomers in the blogging world may want to know what they should write about and experience writers may know what are the topics that give the best profit, what exact words people are looking for and people are not writing about (demand higher than supply), etc...

You could also help people rewrite some articles, improve their residual traffic, etc...

5. So, Is Writing Articles for You?

So, what do you think? Could you bring enough readers to your articles to get at least a small number of them click on ads? Are you able to promote products so well than even someone with no need for this product whatsoever would kill to get it on the spot? Or do you think, you could invite many people to write together with you so that you would all have fun together?

Then, congratulations, writing articles online or blogging in general is for you! If not, don't desperate, you may surprise yourself and be actually even more successful than you thought you would be!

So in both case, why not join me here and give it a try?