If you have arrived on this InfoBarrel article, chances are that you are probably wondering how you actually earn money from your InfoBarrel articles. In order to best maximize your Info Barrel earnings, and your time invested in writing articles, it is important that you effectively utilize every element and aspect of your InfoBarrel articles towards helping you earn money. More often times than not, I see writers publish articles and they only appear to want or care about earning from their Google Adsense advertisements. With a desire and drive to produce as much content as possible, many times they simply forget (or don't know) about the other elements of functionality that Info Barrel makes allowances for directly in their TOS (Terms of Service) and editorial guidelines.


NOTE: I published this article in 2010. It is now 2013 (currently). Since writing this article, I stumbled across a VERY powerful tool called Market Samurai. Like a Warrior Samurai gracefully exploits weaknesses in his enemies' armor, you can literally laser target highly profitable keywords and earn front page rankings overnight.


While you can certainly succeed on InfoBarrel without it, I do strongly believe that this was the most powerful weapon I have added to my arsenal. Fortunatly, you can also download a completely FREE trial version. I did that nearly 3 years ago....and I haven't stopped using it since!

Rather than view any one of these outlets or affiliate partners as 'better' than the other, within context of your Info Barrel articles, you can maximize greatest benefit and reward if you utilize all of these in conjunction. Some methods of earning on Info Barrel will place your advertisement network ID# into rotation by impressions, by which you can earn whenever your advertisements are clicked on, while other methods to earn are oftentimes completely neglected by writers for one reason or another. The following list will give you an idea of some of the methods to earn (affiliate networks, etc)


  • Google Adsense -- This particular advertisement network is the largest online, as it is associated with the perpetual giant that is Google. On your InfoBarrel articles, you will find that, if you could only sign up for one advertisement network, this one SHOULD be it. While you will never want to neglect Google Adsense, you will also want to use it in conjunction with other, more complementary, means to earn from your articles. When people report their InfoBarrel articles, typically, greatest emphasis will be placed on their Google Adsense earnings.
  • Chitika Advertisement Network -- NOTE: As of 2013, InfoBarrel NO LONGER USES Chitika! While you won't earn as much from Chitika as you will from Google Adsense, Chitika can be seen more as a complementary advertisement network that you can use to monetize (make money from) readers who may by pass your Google Adsense Ads without clicking them. Just like Google Adsense, on Info Barrel, once you sign up for chitika, you can emplace your Chitika ID# into Info Barrel's interface, and begin having your Chitika ad impressions show up 75-100% of the time.
  • Amazon Associates Affiliate Program -- Amazon gives you the great opportunity to associate a series of products, that people can purchase, with the general theme and idea of your article. If someone purchases a product through your Amazon Associates box, if you have injected your Amazon associates ID into Info Barrel's interface, you will earn 100% of the commission when your Amazon impressions show up 75-90% of the time, just like Chitika and Google Adsense.
  • Linkshare -- As one of the world's largest affiliate network aggregators, on Linkshare you will find a ton of company's that have listed themselves on Linkshare for the management of their affiliate programs. Anyone can sign-up for a Linkshare acount, and, by placing links within your Info Barrel articles, you can begin earning a commission whenever a product or service is purchased through your affiliate link. You will find that many of these companies have products or services, that you can sell, that will be related to whatever it is that you hope to write your article about.
  • Commission Junction -- As an affiliate network aggregator of businesses, as well, commission junction is very much similar to Linkshare. If there is a company that you can't find on Linkshare, the chances are highly likely that you will find it on Commission Junction. When you use a site like Commission Junction, be sure that your article link integration is actually a contextual link as opposed to a direct call to action that basically asks readers to click on your advertisement. By "contextual link", I mean that your link must essentially flow into the content of your article, and in someway provide value and give back to your readers.
  • eBook or Digital Product Creation -- When you begin writing articles for InfoBarrel, more oftentimes than not, you will write your first few articles around a general topic or theme. Dependent upon how many visitors those articles receive, you may find that that is a topic that is worthwhile for you to pursue. This is called your niche. As you conduct search engine research regarding specific keywords, you can receive targeted traffic that draws people with the same interest as your article, into your article. When you know what people are looking for, you can further intensify and maximize your InfoBarrel article earnings by creating an eBook or digital product, as I have done. Once you successful write your eBook on a simple Word document and publish it as a .PDF, my all time favorite place to host, store, AND automatically distribute your eBook is an online gem called E-Junkie! (It is currently 2013 when I re-visited this article. It has been over 3 years now since I have been using E-Junkie to store and automatically distribute my eBook! Ever since I took them up on their offer to test drive their 1 week FREE trial, nearly 3 years ago, I have still maintained their monthly service. Even the sale of just one eBook offsets the monthly cost!)
  • Clickbank -- With an assortment of products that you can promote, Clickbank products can be promoted contextually within your Info Barrel articles, or within your author signature bio box that borders the top right hand side of all your articles. There is really an art and science behind Clickbank product promotion, but, if done right, you can really earn alot of money from the organic search engine traffic that you gain from your Info Barrel articles.
  • Info Barrel Referrals -- For each new person that you refer to join Info Barrel, whether they be a friend or a complete stranger, you can earn a 2% lifetime revenue share on all their articles' earnings, as well. This arrangement essentially means that you will earn 100% of the revenue when your Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon ID's are placed in a 2% impression rotation on all their Info Barrel articles, as well. While this may not seem very lucrative at first, you can see how this can be beneficial, in the longterm, if you have alot of referrals who each contribute only a few articles each. Sheer volume of referrals is the best way to go here.

As you can see above, there are many ways that you can make money with your Info Barrel articles beyond just including things like your Google Adsense and Chitika ID# into Info Barrel's website platform interface. More oftentimes than not, writers neglect these other opportunities completely, and, in turn, don't take full advantage of the functionality afforded them within Info Barrel's terms of service and editorial guidelines. By using many of these opportunities and affiliate network business aggregators in conjunction, you can realize greater maximization of your Info Barrel article earnings. You will find that, if you do your keyword and search engine research correctly, you can integrate these opportunities into your Info Barrel articles and really earn a great longterm completely passive income from them.