If you are wondering "how do I make my own site" there are many different ways you could go about doing this. The main thing you need to establish before you get started is exactly what your goals are, and how much time you have to put into making you own site.


When answering "how do I make my own site" lets first establish what your goals are. It is important to know what exactly your site is going to be used for, and how you will bring traffic to it. Many websites end up being useless and not viewed very frequently.

If you need something that is unique, and requires more advanced development you will want to hire a web developer/designer.

WordPress is the Easiest Way to Set Up Your First Site Quick

If you are looking to set up a blog, or your site needs are simple my suggestion would be to find a free template that you like for a content management system such as Wordpress. This CMS also has some great plugins for more advanced features, and best of all is free.

Some other good sites for a blog are:




My personal preference is Wordpress. If you are making your first site wordpress.com is your best bet. One downfall to this is the fact that wordpress will be in your url. For example http://mysite.wordpress.com. There is a charge if you wish to use your own domain name on their servers. The other downfall to using the .com service is the inability to upload custom themes.

The reason I prefer Wordpress is because you can use the content management software on other hosting services or your own servers provided that Wordpress is supported. You can download the software for free at wordpress.org. Although if you are new to making web sites this may be a bit of a challenge. There are many helpful tutorials online if you are determined to learn on your own, as opposed to spending your money hiring someone to do this for you.

How Do I Make My Own Site On the Web Look Good?

Two words: Customized themes.

You can look for for free Wordpress themes with ease on the web. They do usually require that you have some web-know-how though. Sometimes spending $10-50 on a template makes sense. One of my favorite sites for finding themes is Themeforest. This site is loaded with tons of high quality Wordpress themes that can be as inexpensive as $10.

Make sure that you take the time to format your content in an appealing way, and when it is appropriate enrich it with media.

This article offers one solution to the question "how do I make my own site on the web?". There are many different routes that you can go, this option is a good balance between ease of use and quality.