repair my creditFor those who wonder "How do I repair my credit?" there is an answer. There is no denying that credit repair is important. It is recommended by those businesses who do credit counseling. Some of the businesses that offer to repair your score for credit are good, others are just out to take your money. You can learn how to repair your own credit if you are dedicated to learning the right actions and are willing to work at it.

When trying to repair your credit, you must first learn what your credit report looks like at present. Send for a current copy of your credit report from the big credit bureaus. There are three of them. Go through the reports and identify the entries to determine what each one means and whether they are correct or not. There are four categories of items on credit reports. They are personal and identification questions, entries posted by creditors, credit status inquiries and liens or court-ordered judgments against you.

You can order a free credit report annually. If you have been denied credit, you also can get a report at no cost. Low cost reports are available on the Internet. There are some advantages to working with an online report. Information on the report can be disputed right on the report website.

Go through each report. Carefully review each item so that you will know whether or not it is accurate. Begin with the personal items and change or correct each error to make the listing correct. Fix such items as addresses that are old or incorrect. Any misspellings should be corrected on personal information items.

The next part of the process takes more effort, but can still be done if you are determined. Look at each negative entry on your report. Identify any that have any incorrect portions. This can be the account name, the number, the pay off or any other factor. These should be disputed. Don't try to do them all at once or you may be ignored as a frivolous dispute.

Some entries will be cleared off through your efforts, other will drop off as they expire due to time limits. Working to clear out credit errors can raise your score by many points. This can mean the difference between getting a loan or not.

The answer to the question "How do I repair my credit?" can be answered with hard work and contesting the wrong entries on the report created by the big credit bureaus. It takes time to get the job done. You can improve your credit score by dropping your negative entries off the reports.

Eliminate credit debt and live debt free from now on.