Be Prepared for the Arrival of your Baby

Every parent wants to be prepared when their baby arrives however with all the excitement, doctor’s appointments, calls from family and friends and everyday life it is easy to overlook a lot of the basic necessities not to mention some of the non essential, yet highly desired gadgets that make parenting so much easier. Here you will find a guide that was created to help you, as a soon to be parent, to start getting ready for baby.

Getting Ready for Baby - Labor and Delivery:
Doctor- A lot of women and couples choose to have their own personal physician perform the delivery. If this is something that you desire be sure to check well in advance with your physician. Often times if this is extremely important to you and the doctor has a full schedule then a safely scheduled induction can be performed to ensure that your doctor is available at the time of your delivery.

Birthing Plan- Many parents choose to give birth outside of the standard and clinical experience and prefer to try something a little different during labor and or delivery. This can be something as simple as the use of a birthing ball or as extravagant as a homebirth or underwater birth. Research your options and be sure to check with the hospital or your doctor to ensure it is ok with the hospital and doctor (if you have your own doctor who will be performing delivery).

Birthing Coach or Support Person: Because life happens it is good to plan ahead on who will be staying with you during your labor and delivery and even potentially have a back up plan just in case your original support person is not available for any reason. A support coach is the person who is going to be there to remind you to breathe, hold your hand, be your go-getter and help keep you focused, excited, encouraged and motivated. Having the right person by your side can make a huge difference in your individual experience during labor and delivery.

Diaper Bag- The diaper bag will contain all or at least a lot of the personal and essential things you want to have at the hospital for before, during and after your delivery - so a good suggestion is to create your list of must have “getting ready for baby” items before choosing a diaper bag. Here are just some of the items that you may want to include in your bag: 2 outfits for baby (onesies, shirts, pants, pajama’s, socks, hat…) , outfit for mommy, music cd’s or music player (which come in handy if you have to wait to deliver), list of any special requirements you need to discuss with the doctors assistants or hospital staff such as birthing plans, questions, important health risks, questions, breastfeeding or formula and concerns you may have regarding the delivery or after process and so on, pacifier, special baby blanket, nursing pads (whether or not you intend to breast feed), hairbrush, makeup, important phone numbers of those you want or need to call with the special news of your new or soon to be arrival.

Infant Car Seat- This is an essential item to have not only for the safety of your newborn but often a lot of hospitals will not release you or at least your newborn until they ensure this is something you‘ve come prepared with. After the stress of labor and giving birth a mom is often drained and beyond safety car seats also often double as carriers and provide an easier method of getting around with your baby and allows you to keep one hand free for other things while your baby is secured and warm in his seat.

Clothes for Mommy- Comfort should be the key goal in what you choose to take to the hospital with you. Something loose and stretchy is often the way to go. Many mommy’s think that they will miraculously lose all their pregnancy weight during delivery and are tempted to bring clothes from their pre-pregnant days. This however is rarely the case, which is why adjustable and or stretchy is so convenient. So consider an adjustable waist sweat pants outfit or shirt and non restrictive stretch pants for optimal comfort.

Clothes for Baby- Though the hospital will often provide your baby with a cap, shirt and socks most parents prefer to bring along their babies own first outfits as this is a time when a lot of pictures will be taken and often this is one of the first interactions parents have envisioned having with their newborn. Consider bringing 2 to 3 different outfits as it is hard to tell in advance just what will fit and look best.


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