Gardening Goes Inside

Keep a Container Garden Indoors

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Gardening can be very rewarding but what if the weather keeps you from gardening outside or if you don't have enough land to keep the kind of garden you'd like?  Indoor gardening is a great way to develop a green thumb even if, at first, circumstances can feel limiting.  Plants, like humans, can adapt and thrive indoors if you keep in mind their special requirements.

* For your indoor garden, you need to find a place that gets plenty of sunlight.  There is where you should set up your indoor garden in containers.  If you have an area by a south window, your growing plants can get both the morning and afternoon sun in order to flourish.  You may also want to lay down some floor covering to keep dirt and water from affecting your floor in that area.

* Choose what to grow according to the average temperature of your home.  Treat your indoor temperature as your growing "climate" for your plants and decide what to grow according to climate charts that are easily found online at gardening websites or on the back of seed packets.

* Because you're gardening indoors, you can start your plants from seed.  Do so in smaller containers and then transplant them to the larger containers in your designated sunny spot. Be sure to add some fertilizer when you transplant your seedlings so that they'll get the extra impetus to thrive.

* Do not overwater your plants! First of all, make sure that your indoor garden has great drainage and then make sure you're not overwatering.  Plants can suffer from too much care.

* Don't forget to open a nearby window every now and then so that your garden can get some fresh air.

* Examine your plants every day for problems.  My favorite benefit to indoor gardening?  No weeds!  But you still need to check your plants every day to make sure they aren't getting watered too much or suffering from some other problem.  It will help you to see how your plants react to the spot you have them in, the average temperature of your home and the occasional exposure to fresh air from outside.

* Just like if you were growing a garden outside, if your plants grow tall, they need support.  You can make sure they're supported by tying any of your tall plants to a garden stake.

    Even if you lack space or ongoing good weather for gardening, you can still grow plants indoors.  If space continues to be a problem for you, consider extending your love for gardening by participating in a community garden.