Humulin Insulin Pen Directions For Use

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you doctor may have prescribed a Humulin Insulin Pen or other Insulation administration device for you to use to help manage your blood sugar. Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced by the pancreas. It allows the sugar in your blood to go into your cells where it can be used as energy for your body.  The Humulin Insulin Pen provides a synthetic (man-made) version of insulin for those who need help controlling their diabetes. The Humulin Insulin Pen is a convenient alternative to the more traditional insulin injection needles. It is convenient, hygienic and virtually painless. The Humulin N Pen should be stored in the refrigerator before initial opening, and may be kept at room temperature after first use. Treat your pen carefully and store it in a safe place, as it is fragile and can break easily if dropped or damaged.

Diabetics should strive to educate themselves as much as possible about this disease and its various treatments. Becoming an expert on your own illness can help you manage it more efficiently and enable you to get help more easily, when you need it most.

How do I use my Humulin Pen?

Before using your Humulin N Pen for the first time, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider so that you understand how to use it. Your healthcare provider can give you supplemental information on your insulin and directions on how to use the pen correctly. 

Always wash your hands before you begin.  While not always necessary, is a good idea to check your blood sugar level before and after you administer your insulin. Also, make sure that you use a different spot on your body every time you need to administer your insulin. This will allow your skin adequate time to heal from your prior injections. Before you begin, roll your Insulin Pen between your palms at least 10 times. Next, gently shake the pen up and down 10 times to thoroughly mix the Insulin. If you find that the insulin is not mixing properly or there are multiple white particles visible through the window, do not use this pen and and contact your healthcare provider.

You will need to administer your Humulin Pen and before you eat meals and snacks, or according to your doctor's directions. Be sure to eat within 30 to 60 minutes your after injection in order to avoid hypoglycemia. Signs of hypoglycemia include dizziness, drowsiness, slurred speech, headache and general weakness. This list is not all inclusive, and should be discussed with your health care provider, so that you know what signs to watch out for.

Always be sure that you use a brand new needle for each injection. Additionally, prime a stream of Insulin (not just a few drops) before you injection, to make sure that you get your full Insulin dose. 

You should never share your insulin with anyone else, nor should you use anyone else's insulin prescription. The needles in the Humulin Pen are disposable and are only meant to be used once for each administration. Do not reuse your needles. You can save money by buying your diabetic products online. There are many diabetic supply stores and medical supply stores online that can help make managing Diabetes affordable.

If you notice any uncontrolled signs of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, go to your local emergency room for medical care immediately. Both conditions can be life-threatening and must be treated immediately. It may take some time to find the correct dose of insulin that is effective for your body.

Humulin Pen Instructions

Humulin Pen is simple to use.