Information About Society 6

If you're a starving artist like me, you've tried many things to make money from your artwork. While there are many great sites that you can sell custom artwork on such as Fiverr or Etsy, I've found Society 6 to be a new kind of breed in the online art selling world.

The simplicity of Society 6 is really what drew me in. It's a great diverse social networking site for artists (of any level one would think themselves to be on) to sell their work. Since Society 6 does all the work for you, ie: printing and shipping, all you have to do is post your price and choose from the array of products they make readily available for you to sell you artwork as. From framed prints, stretched canvas, iphone case/skin, laptop skin, and t-shirts or hoodies. Making money from home online is pretty easy right? The other great thing about Society 6 member is that it's also a social networking site as well. If you don't really want to sell your work and would rather get some feedback from other talented artists, you can just post and see the comments from others roll in quickly. Searching through other artists pages, adding them as friends, and promoting their artwork too is a great way to start because they'll do the same for you as well!

Now, here's the important question you're probably thinking to yourself, how much do I actually get paid when I become a Society 6 member? Well, Society6 gives you a "base" price to start out with for all of your potential products. You are allowed to exceed with the retail price (and many members do this as it allows them to make more money from home), but remember to be realistic as well! For example, I am selling a MINI - 7" x 10"  print for a Retail Price of $ 15.00 (Socitey6's Base Price is $12.00). My profit would be $2.42, that's already with the 4% transaction fee added to the Retail Price. If you have a great resolution file with a decent size, there will be more selling sizes available for you. Now keep in mind, Society 6 only allows you to set Your Profit with the Prints, if you were to add a t-shirt or iPhone case they already set the profit you will make for you. All of this information is laid out for your interest in the selling section of their website, as are many other frequently asked questions and everything there is to know about Society 6 membership.

To give you some highlights from my time on Society 6, here are 5 great pieces of artwork to give you an idea of just how great this website is:

1. Elephant on the mat by Tk_tk

Tk_tk has a great style. This piece is beautiful because of the intensity of his colors and the wild imagination they show in their artwork. The abstract forms Tk_tk makes with the animals and other objects in the pieces makes for a great conversation piece. Also in this one with a hint of cultural background. It's great that this artist really pushed to have their piece fit into all the products Society 6 offers too, the more the merrier!

2. Cat Person by Teo Zirinis

Humor always sells and this artist does a good job at making it their piece both funny and quirky. Even with its simplicity it's something buyers would want, especially to those individuals who love cats among us! Anyone seeking neat and quirky prints, definitely check out Teo Zirinis's work, he knows how to make illustration fun. His pieces work great for T-shirts too.

3. Golden Dew Drops II. by Jessica_Savard

This is a great example of photography, while this person is just starting out she has some eye catching pieces that are very well photographed. I love the intensity of the colors and the randomness of the flowers. You can almost smell them. Photography is another great thing to post on Society 6, the more variety the better!

"Golden Dew Drops II" Society 6 Art Print by Jessica Savard"Bjork Inspired" Society 6 Art Print by Felicia Atanasiu

4. The Girl and the Owl by Michael Shapcott

Remember if your posting artwork it doesn't just have to be digital! This is beautifully done, whether it was hand done and then digitally touched up, having that hand drawn element is a great element, it adds more "personality" in my opinion. All of Michael's artwork has a motif which is a great way to make them into series or have some sort of a story line to them.

5. Bjork Inspired by Felicia Atanasiu

You can never go wrong with a collage. The way Felicia Atanasiu meshes in neat little critters with the inspiration of a finnish pop singer as the portrait makes this piece even more unique. When you think of Bjork one normally wouldn't associate insects with her, which is a great way of thinking in terms while making artwork like Felicia did.

So, how do Society 6 Members Make Money from Home Online? It is pretty simple actually. So long as you have good artwork, selling usually comes with a little bit of promotion but is not too difficult to achieve. Society 6 is a great website to turn too if you are a buyer as well, as you can find a wide range of artwork that may not be in the eye of the mainstream; but still as fantastic (if not more) then art you could buy from a store.