The word stable is not applicable for an HYIP because it is doubtful in nature. No one can anticipate the programs lifespan until you became unpaid. We cannot even assume that the program will last based on its promptness of payments and the bustling participation of the admins. Time will only determine when the program will scam people.

Out of its frailty, did you know that you will make money out of it?

The first thing that you require to do is to compare a bad HYIP from a good one. It will be comfortably detectable once you commence with your own HYIP portfolio and once you begin skimming through this guide.

Return on Investments

Adept investors seeks out for this sign first if they need to look for a stable HYIP. A program that has a low interest rate will most probably be a stable program. But if the program offers high ROI then the program will eventually resort to scamming people.

Keep your eye out on low ROI but don't go too low as it is not a profitable program. To have a worry free investments you must go first on low Return on Investments offering 1% to 3% profit daily and a 10% to 40% ROI weekly or monthly for a high Return on Investments. Don't go farther excepting that you checked the permanence of the program online using blogs and monitors.

But here is the tricky part:

Not all high roi HYIPs are not paying and not all low ROI HYIPs are paying.

How can we determine a paying from a not?

Take note of the website's design first. An HYIP that is a sure payer keeps his website as contamplative as his goals for the program. It must look skillfully done and not copied from a template.

Do read the contents of an HYIP. Serious HYIP admins don't copy any of the information available on other websites like Wikipedia, or their competitor programs.

Next is to inspect the program's security. A paying program, either High ROI or Low ROI should have DDos protection and SSL encryption installed. If the program has its own eminence already without having these two installed it's OK. Their reputation pays enough.

Before I tell you our last resort in determining a paying program, do check for the program's ROI.

Look out for programs paying daily that goes more than the 4% limit because these programs are not paying. Be weary of the Online investment paying a outrageously impossible Return on Investments like going for 1000% interest in 2 hours, these programs are obvious that they're a fraud.

Never be tempted by greed. Make use of your analytical thinking before you try to invest. If it's still mystified, here is my last tip:

Read daily news from miscellaneous blogs online. What better way to know a paying program than to let other investors talk about it. Do not focus on a single blog alone, check for other blogs online, if each and every one of them tells the same thing about a program then follow. If every of them has a good feedback on the program, then follow it.