Build Muscle Fast

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Fastrack to Muscle

We all want to build muscle, but we are all short on time. I will outline here a few things that you can do to aid you in your quest of achieving that Adonis physique. I won't waste much time with information that isn't actionable. I'll just get right into it.

1) Explode. Although there are different schools of thoughts, lifting the weight with the intention of accelerating it as much as possible will stimulate high threshold muscle fibers more than a regular tempo, providing you are using adequate load (weight). In other words, accelerating those 10 pound dumbbells doesn't do jack. Accelerate it on the concentric portion of the lift, so in the case of a bicep curl it would be the portion where you're bringing the dumbbell closer to your chest.

2) Train muscle groups according to their respective muscle fibre makeup. Our biceps and triceps are predominantly fast twitch (high threshold) muscle fibers. This means you need to train them with heavy weight, low reps, and explosive reps to target them appropriately. Our quadriceps on the other hand are generally predominantly slow twitch (low threshold) muscle fibers. Since we don't all have the same muscle fiber makeups, there are tools online that you can use to estimate your muscle fiber makeup. Use those as well as your own judgement and optimize your training.

3) Do big lifts. Lifts that require movement at more than one joint require greater motor unit recruitment and hence a greater adaptation from your central nervous system to tackle the challenge at hand. These two things will provide more micro tears in the muscle fiber, which, if coupled with adequate rest, will allow you to supercompensate to a greater degree and hence get bigger and stronger. There is simply no comparison between a squat and a leg extension; one is the king of all exercises, the other is on the sidelines, can you guess which is which?

How Much Protein Should We Eat?

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There are soo many people that will tell you many different things on how much protein to eat. Don't listen to them, they are either a medical professional who has received a few hours of nutritional education in their entire life and have taken an oath to "Do No Harm" and hence recommend protein on the lower end of the spectrum for the majority of the sedentary population. Or they do studies using endurance athletes, which is plain ridiculous. The other end of the spectrum is a pro bodybuilder who eats 500 grams of protein a day; one thing to note is that they are on a heavy dose of illegal drugs, many of which increase the body's ability to synthesize protein. That may be okay for them, but probably not for the rest of us.

So here you go, you've heard it time and time again: 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. If you only consume 1 gram per pound of lean body mass, then you're not consuming that little bit extra that you need to build muscle. Now if you're over 20% bodyfat, you should probably only consumer 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass (find your body fat percentage, then calculate how much you weight if you take out all the fat, that's your lean body mass).

That's all she wrote folks, thanks for reading!