Body odor affects each and every person at some point in time but for some the problem is more of a  chronic issue than the average person, due to medications, diet, disease and other issues. If you fare someone who suffers occasional or chronic body odor and would like to find more natural ways to reduce or eliminate this, often times, embarrassing condition, then you have stumbled across a guide that was made just for you.

Below you will find some tips and suggestions that can help you to naturally eliminate this, not so pleasant, condition. As you will find some of these steps will include simple things that you can eliminate or add to your daily routine and diet that will assist you in making those close times a little less uncomfortable and embarrassing.


Scrub yourself with soap and water daily, if you are trying to eliminate body odor. Naturally, you will want to be sure to use a good soap, preferably, something that provides a good lather..

Exfoliate your skin. You can purchase natural exfoliating gels, creams or sponges that can help naturally sliminate old dead skin and dirt that can clog your poors and can be the breeding ground for bacteria.

Consider doing a complete detoxifying body cleanse to help naturally eliminate odor by flushing the toxins from your colon, liver and kidney's.. Often toxins build up in the body and these impurities can then clog up the pores and cause us to have a not so fresh or pleasant smell. This occurs naturally due to diet, health issues and other factors. (talk to your Dr. first before starting a cleansing program)

Wear loose clothing that are naturally made with non synthetic materials. This helps your body to better breathe, which can reduce perspiration and bacteria build up that can lead to bad body odor.

Change up your diet. Eliminating certain foods and drinks that can cause body odor may help you to eliminate the cause. Foods that you will want to reduce consumption of include: garlic, coffee, pungent spices, alcohol, onions and meat.

On the same theory adding things to your diet such as sipping on a strong cup of sage tea throughout the day or drinking plenty of green tea are also said to naturally help eliminate those bad smells.

Supplement your diet. Taking supplements such as: magnesium, zinc, vitamin B and B6 and chlorophyll can help reduce and eliminate body odor. Some of these work as a natural deodorizer while the others will deal with other naturally occurring odor causing aspects in your body.

Check with your doctor before starting supplements!

Make your own natural deodorants. You can replace your OTC deodorants with home made naturally deodorizing products such as Baking soda, Vinegar or tea tree oil. OTC deodorants have been said to clog pores which can actually increase body odor in the long run for some people.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor if the problem is chronic and nothing seems to help with eliminating body odor naturally or with OTC deodorants. Persistent perspiration and odor can be caused by some serious health issues as well as other not so serious conditions.