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How do you feel when an insect lands on you then when you try to kill it, it throws you a foul smell? I bet everyone will get annoyed by this phenomenon. This is one major nuisance that is caused by stink bugs. This is a flying insect that has four legs and will always release a foul smell when you try to catch or kill it.

You can pretty well guess where its name was derived from. A stinking bug is a major menace that most household are trying to get rid of but with no success. Worry no more as there is an immediate remedy to that problem. Take a look at these ten ways on how to get rid of them.

>>>> You can always use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. Whenever you use this cleaning machine, it will be able to suck every stink bug that is on the floor. Although they are flying insects, most of the time, you will find them crawling on the floor.

>>>> Always ensure that your house does not have any unnecessary openings which may act as a loop hole for stink bugs. You can repair any opening such as cracks on the doors, window frames and other places. You can use crack fillers to repair them. This will ensure that they bugs do not get access into the house.

>>>> Do not plant unnecessary vegetation near your house. If you must have them, make sure that they are few and always trimmed. Plants are always the first landing position of bugs. .

>>>> You can use insecticides that are available at stores. This pesticide releases a smell that will either kill or drive away the bugs. 

stink bug trapCredit: >>>> You can use a hollow trap that can capture the bugs. The traps can be hung in several positions around the house. This is one effective tool that can capture large number of stink bugs at once.

>>>> Another simple but practical way you can trap them is by use of a soaked cloth. Do this by putting a cotton material into water, while still wet, hang the material in a strategic position. The stink bugs will be attracted to it. They will then attach themselves here and thereafter you can drown them in soapy water. This technique is more effective if applied during the night. This is a basic method on how do you getting rid of these unwanted stink bugs.

>>>> You can use adhesive tapes that are specifically designed for trapping insects. These tapes are rolled straight then you hang it vertical from the ceiling or near any entrance. When the stink bug lands on the tape, it gets stuck because of the glue and finally it will starve to death.

Looking at these simple but helpful tips on how you get rid of stink bugs, we are able to see that bugs should never be a menace in any house. You don't have to be a professional exterminator to get rid of them. Every family member can participate in chasing them away. 

Homemade Stink Bug Trap