Struggling Student

Schoolwork becoming overwhelming for you? Is there a particular class that you dread attending? Are you never able to complete your homework assignments on time? Do you struggle each night trying to figure out what you are doing, spend hours at a time reading and re-reading the assignment, yet still have no clue? You definitely need a tutor, no doubt about it. You are not going to be able to work through these problems on your own, especially if you have been having this problem for some time. Now is the time to give yourself the assistance you need, and let someone with experience step in to help you.


You may be surprised at how much better you learn with the personal teaching a tutor can offer you. Outside the crowded classroom setting many students find that they are able to concentrate better and become more focused on the specific subject and the problem areas. A tutor will be able to take the one step at a time approach, allowing you all the time you need to figure the solution to any problem, and you may even see where you are going wrong quite quickly. Don’t be disappointed if this doesn’t happen right away, however. Give yourself time to retrain yourself and your way of thinking.




Always listen to what your tutor is saying, pay attention, apply yourself, and ask for an explanation about anything you don’t understand. Don’t feel that your questions are not important, or that your tutor will think less of you for asking. Quite the opposite! He or she will encourage you, answer to the best of their ability, and support you through your struggles. One of the reasons people decide to become tutors is that they truly enjoy helping someone overcome their problems, love to see them succeed, and want them to achieve their goals.


You might actually feel more comfortable being tutored by an online instructor. Although you are not face-to-face in person, the sessions will still be conducted in ‘real’ time. If you have a home computer, you can attend tutoring sessions any time of the day, or whenever it is convenient to do so. Register at any one of the hundreds of websites that offer tutoring services. Look for someone who specializes in teaching your problem subject, get in touch with him or her, and talk about what you need. Before deciding to choose the first person you talk to, keep looking and checking profiles to see what type of qualifications someone has.


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Online tutoring is also a bit less expensive than private sessions in the home. If cost is a something you have to take into consideration, this may be another reason for hiring someone online. As long as you are able to locate a tutor who excels in the area you need help with, there is nothing wrong with choosing this route. Thousands of people do this each and every day all over the world, and are perfectly happy with the results. It is a personal choice, and the one that you feel most comfortable making. As long as you get the help you need, there is no reason to reject one method or the other.


Make sure that as soon as you know you need help that you ask for it. Don’t wait until a small problem becomes an insurmountable obstacle. Take a deep breath, and ask your parents for the help you know you need. They will be glad that you have the wisdom to know you need help and are taking steps to get it. Hiring a tutor may be the best thing you can do for yourself, and it can make a really big difference in how the rest of your high school years go. Don’t get left behind because you are too proud to ask for help. Graduate with flying colors with the rest of your classmates with the assistance of a qualified tutor. Apply yourself, work hard, and your chances of being accepted at the school of your choice are going to be greatly increased. Make your parents proud, but more importantly…do it for yourself. You will be so happy you did.