In a busy household using a chalkboard is a great way to leave messages to each other and also for that “to do” list.  You can simply wipe it off and start again, therefore saving paper and fear of notes being lost off the end of the counter.

It is a great alternative to having post-it-notes everywhere which seem to disappear under the refrigerator on a regular basis.

It is a fast and easy way to remember phone numbers too.  My sister painted one complete wall in her kitchen where her phone was attached so that way she could simply write messages on the wall right away without fumbling for a pen and paper.

The one trick to keeping this clean is to have some kind of container nearby for the chalk.  I found having it on a string was not the best idea.  Having a cup or as you can see in the below video an upside down drawer pull works well too.How Do You Make Chalkboard Paint?Credit:

Also having a good supply of chalk pieces around and the eraser handy makes this the perfect accessory to the kitchen.

The problem is that this special paint can get expensive and is very limiting when it comes to colours.  So, you can easily make chalkboard paint yourself, which then gives you the option of using a complimentary colour or whatever shade you prefer for your kitchen or room.

You don’t have to coat an entire wall like my sister did, you could coat the inside of a cabinet door or make a frame and attach it to the wall, but I found the wall works well.  You could simply tape off a section with painters tape for your board.

Wall paint of your choice, you could mix some leftover paints together to create any shade you want.

Painters Tape (to section off a piece of the wall)

Non Sanded Grout (make sure it says NON SANDED for this to work)

Tablespoon measure

Cup measure

Stir Sticks

Brushes/Trays for painting

White Chalk (for conditioning afterwards) and ready for notes!

Clean cloth

Custom Building Product WDG1 1lb White Non-Sanded Tile Grout
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you only need a small package of this, as it will last a long time. Just make sure it states "non-sanded" on the package such as this one.


Make sure your paint is stirred well, especially if it is leftover from another project. 

Add the grout – The ratio is: 2 tablespoons of grout to 1 cup of paint.  So, you will have to work out how much paint you will be using, for example: 3 cups of paint would require 6 tablespoons of grout.  If your paint tin is quite full or you don’t want to mix it right into the tin, then pour out the amount you will need into an old bowl or bucket or paint tray with the cup measure.

You can always make another batch if it was not enough.

The trick is to really mix it well.  You need to be patient at this step.  You want to make sure there are no lumps and bumps, and mix it completely into the paint.

Now paint your area with at least 2 coats of the chalkboard paint. 

Once it is dry, you will need to “condition” the board.  This makes it so that your messages will rub off easier and not leave any permanent shadows.  You do this by taking a piece of white chalk and rubbing the side of it all over the board.  Then wipe off with a clean cloth.

Your board is now ready for use!

How Do You Make Chalkboard Paint?