Do you suffer from poor confidence in your ability to make a success of your next job interview? This question becomes pertinent in a world where the fear of succeeding in any job chat is palpable among most job seekers. That fear is understandable. We talent hunters understand the pain most job seekers go through in their bid to be successful during a job chat. We have noted that most job seekers fail to prepare adequately for such assessments. They fail to understand that preparation plays a significant role in enhancing performance during interviews. Preparation increases the confidence of the potential employee during the assessment thereby enhancing the chances of success during the job chat. Also, problematic questions that are likely to be asked during the interview session would have been practiced beforehand. Further with adequate preparation, the interview skills required during the assessment process would have been learned and this will consequently be exhibited during the interview.

  As a job hunter having the desire to become a potential employee, how do you make a success of your next interview? If you are desirous of performing well during your next job chat and enhance your employ-ability, you therefore need to take certain steps. These steps if taken by the average job seeker will certainly enhance the performance during the job interview and reduce the period of his job search.

  1. Carrying out of proper research work on the company putting a job on offer: This is a key step in your bid to answer the question “how do you make a success of your next job interview?” You have to learn about the company advertising to put yourself on good footing during the assessment. You should go online and learn about the company. If you are able to lay your hand on the company profile read it. Learn about what the company is saying about itself. Learn about what others are saying about the company. Learn about what it produces or the service it renders. Learn about what the employees are saying about it and how it is treating them. Learn about what the suppliers and the lenders are saying about it. All these will prepare you for the way to handle what is expected of you during the interview.
  2. You should familiarize yourself with the job on offer: To perform excellently well during your next job interview you need to be conversant with the requirements of the job on offer. Read the job description properly. Get acquainted with the job requirements. You need to get acquainted with the skills, abilities and experience required from a person that will occupy the position. Once you know all these, try conducting a personal assessment/audit on yourself. Find out the skills, abilities and experience that you possess which conform to that of the job on offer. Identify those personal skills and attributes that match that of the job on offer and display them to indicate your suitability for the job on offer.
  3. Endeavor to recount stories about your experience and achievements: Telling stories about your experience and accomplishments is a natural way of demonstrating your suitability for the job on offer. It is also a perfect way of telling the hiring manager that you are the ideal candidate for the job. The job interview is a marketing activity designed to sell a product which is you the job seeker. You should therefore make the most of that opportunity.  You should do your utmost to convince the employer putting the job on offer that you are the best candidate. You should therefore prepare your stories very well before the interview so that recounting them becomes easier and more convincing.
  4. Endeavor to choose the right dress for your interview: Dressing right is one of the best ways of convincing the employer that you are suitable for the job on offer. Therefore satisfying the visual preference of the hiring manager is a must. Interviewers allot special marks for appearance, so any candidate poorly dressed forfeits this mark. Choose your outfit carefully and endeavor to dress formally for the interview especially if the job is conventional like law. Dress in a way that will show that you are a perfect candidate for the job on offer.
  5. Practice with frequently asked interview questions: Another important step in answering the question “how do you make a success of your next interview?” is by practicing with frequently asked job interview questions. As a job seeker, practicing with such questions enhances your ability to give relevant answers to them during the actual job chat. Even if you are conversant with some, you cannot possibly know the answers to most questions, therefore practicing ahead of interview with them enhances your chance of providing relevant answers and consequently increasing your chance of success.
  6. Practice the way to properly communicate your ideas: Interviewing is all about adequate marketing of a product which is you the candidate. In marketing communication plays a vital role in convincing the prospect to make a buying decision. If you know so much about your product and you are not able to convince the customer to buy it from you, what is the essence of selling? That is where proper communication comes in. With proper communication of the benefits and values of the product, selling it to the customer becomes easier. Same goes for the interview session. With proper communication of your skills, attributes and accomplishments to the interviewer convincing him that you are the perfect candidate for the job becomes easier. This will consequently enhance your employability.   

By following the various steps listed above, answering the question “how do you make a success of your next interview?” should not be a challenge. Practice it is said makes one perfect. By following these steps and practicing adequately for your next interview, your value as a job seeker will be increased and this will further enhance your employ-ability. Trust me, I have been in the profession of talent acquisition for more than twenty years and I know the value of adequate preparation for job interviews. You should however seek professional advice if you want to learn more on how to make a success of your next interview.

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