What's your definition of success?

In our society, everyone is chasing after this thing we call “success”. In actual fact, most of us are running a race we don’t understand. We are working hard towards dreams that society has created for us. We all want to earn a million dollars. We all want to be famous and well known.

How Success Is Portrayed In Media

The media practically revolves around the lives of the rich and famous. We all have read or watched documentaries or articles about their achievements, or how they rose to fame. We have been taught to idolize these people. We envy them, and we want to be just like them.

Even though we want to BE them, most people don’t have the willpower or don’t make the effort to go through the hardships to attain that stage in life. We are blinded by the fame and fortune of the successes, but it is often that we have neglected the process of GETTING there.

There is a problem with the media portraying it as a smooth sailing journey that ends up in millions of dollars and fame beyond imagination. There’s nothing wrong with following the route of successful living, but we’re basing our metrics on society’s standards.

Picking Your Cause

Instead of using society’s metrics for success, such as fame or money, you have to pick your own cause that you believe in. This is where the saying “Go after your passion” comes into play.

You already know that you want success. You first have to find your main purpose within yourself. Why do you want success? How does being successful make you feel? It is important to identify your purpose now. Why do you do what you do?

To be able to find your true calling, to be able to do something you love doing, to be able to give value to the world, to be able to achieve ultimate success with your passion, that is the reason why you should be pushing yourself to strive on when the going gets tough.

Finding Your Passion

The easiest way to find your own passion is to identify what would you do with your life if money were no issue.

Example: Person A has a passion in music and being on stage. He can work hard to be a musician, or maybe even end up as a music producer and live his dreams of making music, which providing value (good music) to people all over the world.

Nothing Is Ever Easy

If you have made up your mind to be successful in life, you have to realize that there’s no room for lazy people. You have to put all the stops necessary to achieve what you desire. If it was really all that easy to obtain, then it probably won’t be so appealing to most people.

Knowing Yourself

This will be the first step you should take in your journey towards living a life of success. Knowing yourself, your passion, your purpose will help you to answer questions and doubts along the way of life.