Does he want marriage or a flingCredit:

The science as well as theory of any relationship has ever been complicated since its discovery many years ago. This has made many people have sleepless nights thinking about the issue. 

Many women often ask themselves this important question every time they are getting into relationship, but they have never got that convincing answer to this question. 

First, serious men about marriage will always want to talk to you about it. This means that they do everything possible to keep communicating with you whether through calling or just texting. This is contrary to men who just want a fling, who will forget about you after afterwords. This is definitely a sign that together you have a future.

Most men in a fling relationship would never prefer to be close to you all the time. This means that if a man is interested about you, he will always want to be close to you. This is definitely a sign that should tell every woman whether is He Looking for Marriage or Just a Fling? Remember that the more time he wants to be with you, the more he is interested in a serious relationship that may ultimately lead to marriage. 

will he marry youCredit: Personal introduction is a very important tip to tell whether he is serious about you or just a fling. Every time you’re together, he always introduces you to his friends or even relatives. This will tell you that he is looking or marriage and not a fling. Ultimately, is he introduces you to the parents, this is always a perfect sign that “you are the chosen one” in his life. In addition, you can also tell through his body language. This will always “speak louder” than what he speaks about.

The latest research have shown that “real men” only show their nakedness when they are ready for serious relationship that ultimately lead to marriage. You can also tell from their behavior especially on their behavior when they see your nakedness. In a serious relationship, this has never been a serious issue for most serious men. In fact, you can use this opportunity to get him to propose to you. You will tell through his reaction whether he is serious about the relationship or not. 

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A man who is serious about the relationship will always discuss issues with the woman he chooses while gauging her opinion on different subject such as friends, families, finances, career, and relationship among others. Through this, you will be able to tell compatibility especially how you handle your ideas. Only serious men who are committed to marriage will always discuss these issues with their spouses to be. This should tell you whether he is serious about the relationship or not. 

There is nothing on the earth a serious man can ever do as inviting you to his family for a dinner or coffee since this is a “killer point” to prove his commitment for a relationship leading to marriage. This is definitely one of the signs he wants to marry you as opposed to just being in a fling. Other men can also start sharing their account information about their finances such as financial statements, account balances or even sharing ATMs pin numbers.

This will definitely prove that he is interested in you for marriage and most just a fling. Other men may also give extra keys to their rooms that always you to access their houses even if he is not around. No man can very do this when in having fling relationship with another woman. 

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Finally and most importantly, is his ability to discuss the future with you. Most men in fling relationships never discuss their futures with the women as opposed to those in serious relationships. They will always discuss the number of kids they prefer, their dreams in terms of their profession, among other key important issues.

In conclusion, I believe the above tips will always tell you whether your man is serious about you or just having fun. For sure, this will tell you whether I He Looking for Marriage or Just a Fling?